10 week old labrador puppy training

September 15, 2012 by  
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Boomer shows you his tricks. He just turned 10 weeks old. We’ve been training him for about a week and a half. His down is still pretty shaky…
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9 Responses to “10 week old labrador puppy training”
  1. martinperez1713 says:

    No, puppies are known for eating people during the night. Don’t recommend it.

  2. stephaniebuzzella1 says:

    hey, we’re picking up our lab pup on Friday and I’ve been trying to read up like crazy about training and positive reinforcement etc. any good tips or book/site/video recomendations? We live in Massachusetts and winters can be wicked harsh, do you have snow where you are and if so does it bother him? I know they’re water dogs but I’m curious about being outside in the cold months

  3. PerpetuallyHighPoet says:

    man I love dogs but I’m terrified of them for some odd reason, if I get myself a puppy will it help me get over my completely irrational fear?

  4. featherchick1130 says:

    So cute

  5. hunnybunny6801 says:

    How do you get him to speak?

  6. myangel833 says:

    you dont have to use clickers and food for labs. They are easy to train. I never use any of these with my dogs

  7. OtterTheLabrador says:

    Your a great trainer! Much respect. I just got a 18 week old chocolate lab male! I did one 30 min clicker session and he has sit and lay with hand signals. I am very happy. Your puppy is amazing.

  8. nickjarvis01 says:

    what do you reward him with after each trick?

  9. Autogodkho says:

    Very good progress

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