12 weeks old Labrador puppy training

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Some basic training and tricks being performed by Spencer..feel free to comment ­čÖé we both are quite lazy when this video was being made…will upload some b…
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16 week intelligent Labrador puppy tricks. dog training

Training with my 16 week old Labrador “Odin”
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12 Responses to “12 weeks old Labrador puppy training”
  1. Thisfancyhat says:

    MARLEY!´╗┐ YOU’RE BACK! <3

  2. buchajziom says:

    Awesome : )

  3. MissUna13 says:

    Spencer is so´╗┐ adorable such a cuitie.

  4. anukaramd says:

    “gooooddd boooooyyyyy” hahahahaha´╗┐

  5. shubham oberoi says:

    as early as´╗┐ possible..

  6. moralesmarko1981 says:

    at what age do´╗┐ u start to train a labrador? mine is 12 weeks old

  7. longtailrat says:

    That’s amazing´╗┐ training for only 12 weeks old!

  8. shubham oberoi says:

    thanks´╗┐ ravneet ­čÖé

  9. 911Ravneet says:

    great´╗┐ work

  10. j leslie says:

    Amazing´╗┐ my black lab is working on shake

  11. Odin Dog says:

    I trained Odin using positive reinforcement/clicker training and would fully recommend it. From a young age introduce´╗┐ your dog to as many different; situations, people, animals and other dogs as you can as puppy socialization is key to a well behaved dog. Also your relationship with your dog is very important. If you have a good relationship teaching/training anything will be loads more enjoyable and much easier. I hope these tips help you and Good Luck when you get your dog!

  12. vikkimai says:

    Such a´╗┐ clever boy!! My Dad is very impressed with Odin, he knows you from the canal forum and he told me about this video. I hope our new puppy will be as well behaved as Odin when we get it in the new year, I shall be spending most of my days training and working with him! Any tips would be great!!

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