13 week lab puppy training and tricks

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13 week lab puppy training and tricks

Bommer added crawl and kiss to his repertoire

Boomer shows off his arsenal of tricks. He’s exactly 12 weeks in this video. You can see his 16 week video here: www.youtube.com
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32 Responses to “13 week lab puppy training and tricks”
  1. spideraxis says:

    I write a comment about dogs and you respond with vulgarity. The height of ignorance, stupidity and crassness.

  2. MonkeyInMahShit says:

    smartest? you fucking idiot.

  3. SgGuitarrocker says:

    false my dog is

  4. ayaz alvi says:

    wow cool can i teach those tricks to my cat?

  5. Yosua Rahardian says:

    Wow.. Thats so goood..

  6. spideraxis says:

    I don’t doubt it. i love dogs. But Labs are my favorites, and I’m entitled to a favorite, no?

  7. MusicFms says:

    All dogs are cute,smart and adorable 😉

  8. kteaguezot says:

    Hi, I have a 7 week yellow lab female that I picked up 4 days ago. Yes, I understand that her brain is that of a baby and is developing rapidly, but I have had NO luck at AT ALL with anything. Bite inhibition training was ok for about a day but now she ignores my “OUCH’s” (yes I leave her after I say it) and she’s biting even harder. Crate training is an absolute disaster right now. Most of the time she’d prefer to eat dirt rather than HER ACTUAL PUPPY FOOD. Thoughts?

  9. thelocalslant says:

    best lab pup tricks vid

  10. 00Magicmaster says:

    I never said anything bad about you either, or Labradors, you implied by your comment that someone else told you Labradors were not the best. If I was wrong, sorry, but please don’t blame me for something I didn’t do.

  11. spideraxis says:

    I’ll say what I want and speak well of Labs. I said nothing bad about you or any other breed. I got 57 thumbs up. Boy are you ignorant, the dumbest reply comment I’ve ever seen on YouTube. If you don’t like it, eat it.

  12. 00Magicmaster says:

    Your opinion is different to others so don’t block out other people’s opinions and expect them not to block out yours.

  13. XxVitalGaming says:

    Pretty cool my dog is a fat lazy bum but she has a couple of tricks and we try to walk her

  14. johnny canzoneri says:

    This guy forgot to praise the dog with petting when he got nearby…

  15. Karaokejax says:

    Reminds me of my Lab. She’s eighteen months old now. But sell supercute. Gorgeous clever puppy.

  16. pinkkoolaid12 says:

    did you use a clicker? or just positive reinforcement with treats?

  17. justforfun2003 says:

    I love your dog, so cute!

  18. spideraxis says:

    Because some people don’t know it. This is one point not open to debate. Labs are the greatest, smartest, cutest, most adorable, loyal and affectionate. Case closed.

  19. elisa curcean says:

    why would we argue with you? your fucking right!!!!!!!!!!:):)

  20. kelly smith says:

    o.m.g its so cute it makes me want one i going to ask my mom to get me one for my birthday (starting as a puppy) o.mg. its so freakin cute.

  21. TheUsername1097 says:

    them alongside with golden retriver puppies

  22. cj anderson says:


  23. 31Godlovesme says:


  24. casiangeles21 says:

    OMG HE IS SO CUTE, youre awesome with his training

  25. Robert Ly says:

    They aren’t really that small. I just rip small pieces off. They are about 1 inch sized squares, but have the consistency of a chewy protein bar.

  26. whatever98zr says:

    hey! i read that you use “wellness treats” unfortunately i can’t really imagine what that might be exactly. could you please describe them a bit more? I think it’s amazing that they are so small and would to buy similar ones (i don’t live in the states) Thank you ever so much in advance!

  27. Doggie Dogs says:


  28. markTHEmovieMaker says:

    Great dog your amazing trainer

  29. bocafa says:

    3 months old and all this tricks! Wow!! I’m surprised; he must be very very smart!!

  30. rmcjr1 says:

    We were doing “treat” training with good result but got soon got “off” the treats. We have found better results with praise rewards. I was very surprised how easy it was to teach our Lab.

  31. F1rp0 says:

    PM me once he can bark jingle bells

  32. zmaniacz says:


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