13 week old boxer puppy Brave well trained!!

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13 week old boxer puppy Brave well trained!! Use positive methods to train your dog…

My new boxer puppy at 8 weeks old. This is the first day we brought him home!
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48 Responses to “13 week old boxer puppy Brave well trained!!”
  1. Pitbullluv10 says:

    Cute pup

  2. wallybruno3245 says:

    Nice how did you do it to tell him to wait and for him not to move bad ass that’s a good video

  3. turja1012 says:

    We just got a boxer he is like 8 weeks. When did you start training yours? What age? And how

  4. jamesgonzalez25 says:

    I have a 12 week old boxer and I trained him to do all that also. It took me lots of hours but got it done 🙂 nice video !

  5. eazeh79 says:

    Nice just got mine… And he’s well on his way to be a good dog, gotta teach him that “stay” thing though that tough .. Got me a sealed reverse brindle boxer, cute as hell

  6. Zoritsa says:

    Very cute! Mine has me trained though.When he’s hungry,he takes his bowl and tosses it all over the place until I feed him.Of course,he’s 13 and going blind and deaf now….so I give him what ever he wants :o) I have two boxers,Feyd (the old man)and Nikki (a rescue).I miss the puppy days.

  7. sneekytinky107 says:

    what was the food?? message it to me, please. 🙂

  8. Bryan Sterling says:

    Gravey train

  9. sugar99doll says:

    that’s awesome. i have a dog that dont do shit except bark at my cat. but i still love her. she’s so disobediant. i wish i trained her sooner. 🙁 but its a nice vid 🙂

  10. TheGameIsBeastin says:

    That’s so awesome !!!

  11. Bear220491 says:

    I think he´s gonna be a good dog when he grows up 🙂

  12. juanolivas970 says:

    My dog died yesterday 🙁

  13. Uzehername says:

    Excellent job!! Boxers are a difficult breed to train. They are brilliant dogs, but stubborn and get bored. Gotta keep the training fun and interesting. I can’t believe this is your first dog! You’re a natural. You should add me on fb. I have a fb group on dog talk. I have hella dog friends, that train, show or work with dogs. You would love it. Boxers are my favorites! I have one too!

  14. SeanMckentoshJackson says:

    Wow that is awesome

  15. xxsoundwave83xx says:

    i have a 3 year old german rottweiler weights 136 pounds but hes a a sweetheart hes been trained since the are of 3 months listens to the ppl in the house and i can walk him without a leash on the streets 😀 i do put it on once i see another person coming with a dog dont know what cn happen

  16. Judo Jiu-Jitsu says:


  17. InstantFilmBooth says:


  18. recondohoe says:

    black people are more in touch with animals than white people because they are closer to monkeys, so they can train animals a lot better than we can.

  19. Judo Jiu-Jitsu says:

    I seriously don’t understand you.

  20. InstantFilmBooth says:

    hahaha you’re dogs are such pussies and you’re mad, CAT LITTER? HAHAhAHAHAHAH so pathetic

  21. rachelsom says:

    Is it chicken?

  22. remoney says:

    I want a dog now…

  23. Hockeyreviews12 says:

    How the he’ll did u train him so well WOW!!!!!

  24. kellyspencer12 says:

    I’m on Boxer #3 and #4. I specifically bought the breed casue they are so good with kids.. Search here on Youtube for “Linus the boxer loves his baby” and you won’t have any more questions on how good they are with kids.. Mine totally ignore me when kids are around cause all they want to do is be with them.

  25. heatheral1986 says:

    Boxers are AMAZING with kids. My brother has one, and my two year old nice crawls all over him, pulls his ears, jumps on him, and he doesn’t do anything to her.

  26. sialsaseal says:

    i was wondering do u have kids?cause i have small kids and want to get one but worrying how these dogs are with small kids?

  27. sialsaseal says:

    i want to get one nextweek but have 4 kids one of 10 months is this a good idea what are they like with kids?

  28. OsbordPlunky says:

    What makes me sad is how sad he looks because he was taken from his family. If he was saved then it’s different.

  29. AMANDA MOLL says:

    AWW Love him..My boxers are almost 2 and 11.5 years old..I wouldn’t have any other kind of dogs..Brock is a tar! Love his video’s!!

  30. jho581 says:

    boxer are beautyful dogs!!
    the best breed

  31. sara thomspon says:


  32. Sydangel343 says:

    on the car ride home the puppy is not suppose to be in ur lap they need to be in a crate or carrier it is unsafe becuz if the airbags come on ur puppy will die (puppies for dummies – Sarah hodgson)

  33. N00PURA says:

    When I say “Love at first sight”, THIS is what I mean!! 🙂

  34. QiqiTy says:

    I LOVE the song! and Brock, it’s soooooo cute!

  35. D chaffin says:

    I don’t know where he came from but he don’t look too scared either in the car or at home. He’s checking things out and even trying to figure out how to get food out of the bag. I think he’s been socialized with people before this video.

  36. Sherio88 says:

    that first day they are always so scared. New everything! sooo cuuute!

  37. horseybebe316 says:

    I wish they could stay that small my male isn’t even a year and weighs 90lbs never had a puppyhood with him our female is petite little thing and our 2 boxers in heaven

  38. horseybebe316 says:

    I love my boxers

  39. Toni Rahawi says:



  40. Sifu Fernandez WingTchunDo says:

    I only have boxers,(plus a mixed breed 10 years old) love boxers theyre tooooo human

  41. caveman3251 says:

    im getting 1 tomorrow cant it is 8 weeks

  42. BiiteThaBullet says:

    all of the aww :3

  43. Vanilla Sherbert says:

    Trying to convince my boyfriend that a boxer dog is the right way to go, and this might be what I need 😉

  44. chrisak49 says:

    AWWW those eyes!! THOSE PIERCING EYES!!!

  45. MissLovelyMonet says:

    the part where he’s sleeping in the center compartment is just adorable!

  46. GameFace49er says:

    Great Looking Pup!! He’s big for 8 weeks!!

  47. ExotiiqueBeautiii says:

    Aw, we sure have come a long way since then!

  48. 17ShizukuCross says:

    Owhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Shoooooooo cuteeeeeeeee!! <3

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