13 weeks Old Puppy Training – Socialization

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Cottonwoodranchandkennel.com 13 weeks Old Puppy Training – Socialization…..Ted Hoff believes it is very important for your puppy to have play time with other big dogs. Ted will explain why you should allow play time with other big dogs and what he suggests for big dogs that are not social with puppies. In this video Cabella the German Shorthair Pointer, Mae the black Labrador and Drake the 13 week old golden Labrador puppy strut there stuff and show us why a dog’s world is the best world. Call Ted at 970-921-7100 if you have any questions or would like to schedule dog training or dog boarding at Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel located on the western slope of Colorado near Crawford. Visit us at http 970-921-7100
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www.dogbehavioronline.com free dog training videos like how to teach puppy to come! You’ll find it easy teaching puppies to come with these methods. Puppies Command Training for Come, Wait, and Follow Pawprints … Teaching a puppy to come on command is a very difficult but important task. Start early because a puppy that will come when called is safer. … Teaching Your Puppy to Obey the Come Command Step-by-step instructions for training a puppy or dog to obey the Come command using a check cord, praise, and treats. Puppy Training Schedule: What to Teach Puppies A month by month training schedule for what to teach your new puppy, including the … Come when called; Drop anything in his mouth when you tell him to … Video results for Teach Puppy To Come Train Your Puppy to Come: How to Train Puppies | eHow.com Train Your Puppy to Come. Part of the series: How to Train Puppies. Training your new puppy to come when called is discussed in this free video. Teaching Your Dog To Come When you say “Come,” the puppy must know he has no alternative. … Teaching Your Dog To Come. By Rebecca Prescott; Published 08/30/2006; Dog Training … Dog Training Basics – How to Train your Dog NOT to Come I will also show you the right way to teach your dog to come running when you call. Picture this: Daisy the puppy is having a grand time digging in the HOW TO TRAIN YOUR PUPPY – Mateer Labradors Teaching your puppy to “Come” is one of the most important lessons she will ever learn. The


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  1. drtbikechick07 says:

    Dog parks, Neighbors,

  2. DaisytheTracker57 says:

    hold what button down?

    also, i read that repeating over and over teaches a dog to listen on his own time.

  3. poida84 says:

    bad audio!!!

  4. amber71220 says:

    How can I teach my dog to come running to me when I call is possibly the most important lesson they can learn?

  5. jschofield091 says:

    Thanks for this video. Two thumbs up!

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