16 week labrador retriever puppy dog training and tricks

August 3, 2012 by  
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Boomer has some new tricks to show off. Among the newer ones are moonwalk and bow. I am currently trying to combine back, come, and twirl into one command: line dance.
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24 Responses to “16 week labrador retriever puppy dog training and tricks”
  1. heather1404phan says:

    The puppy its so smart n cute

  2. croi2001 says:

    haha! this is brilliant!!! you have a really sweet & smart dog!

  3. BlazedHearts says:

    So adorable. Oh my lord that was so cute. D;

  4. jockersantos2012 says:

    3 weeks from now i will have a female lab…her name is diana! hope i can do it also. thanks for the video

  5. nhaha13 says:

    So amazing and cute


    how did you learn moonwalk :O

  7. Fernandoestua15 says:


  8. xRM5BOIx says:

    Lol i loved 3:07 part that was good
    what a cute dog 🙂

  9. Fernandoestua15 says:


  10. Fernandoestua15 says:

    Best trained dig

  11. fabi4n4pln says:

    cute cute cute!!!

  12. TheBarnaut500 says:

    its impressed also for the Samoyed?

  13. ceeeejaaaaayyyyyyyy says:

    I want my Labrador back

  14. juliusspin says:

    I got a 2 month black lab, this is so inspiring.

  15. MrAwesomeEngineer says:

    Amazing !!! …. And sooooo cute, I can’t wait to get my puppy :))

  16. franky1l says:

    how do you teach a dog tricks like the moonwalk?

  17. Walker Stephens says:

    screw labs,every nerd in the world has 1

  18. danalyo says:

    excellent now look my vidéo called “Wisty” on the channel “danalyo” on youtube… It’s funny…

  19. Steph Fickelnanny says:


  20. Julia Lisik says:


  21. Aotearoa2010 says:

    So amazing! I love dogs! I can’t wait to get my Labrador.

  22. cavina885 says:

    I have a puppy

  23. Huros100 says:

    Such a cute puppy!

  24. thereviewer1234 says:

    it would be cool if you could do like a peekaboo trick where he fell on his side or something

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