16 week old Yellow Lab Tricks

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16 week old yellow lab does a few tricks. EDIT: Since we posted this video many people have suggested that Jack is overweight or that we feed him too many treats. The treats were ONLY…
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24 Responses to “16 week old Yellow Lab Tricks”
  1. Jame Forrest says:

    Hey kim your dog is so cute .
    How can he do that .
    Is he a golden lab are a yellow lab ?
    How is he doing jack loves you alot .


  2. wirina holstein says:

    He’s not chubby, he’s a type 1 lab, isnt he? And the treats are one of the
    best ways to train a puppy to learn to love being trained and being active.
    Its not really the amount of treats but more the amount of running around
    and playing the treats of the hipbones. So I tell concerned puppy owners in
    my vet clinic. Sometimes someone themselves also think they would try the
    same thing on themselves – its not the amount of chocolate, but how much
    you go run and play with your puppies after eating the chocolate. And
    luckily dog treats are actually under some very nice restrictions and
    nutritional rules so none will contain the dangerous type of fatty acids we
    as humans, fill ourselves with. And the dog treats in the US mainly is not
    that well used where I live (we use raw feed treats due to policies against
    throwing out animal parts in the meat industry, so everything from a
    slaughtered animal must be used to keep the slaughtered amounts of animals,
    mainly pork and beef down), and I dont prefer them, but they are very good
    for the dog compared to much else. And for us humans dog treats are much
    healthier to us than human treats :-D

  3. JohnMatrix1985 says:

    Hey Jim, how is Jack doing these days? I’m curious. I first watched this
    video in 2009, when we adopted our yellow lab puppy into our family. Out
    of nowhere this morning, I thought of Jack on the way to work and wondered
    how he was.

  4. Sultnsulimn says:


  5. duckgoesmooo says:

    He”s lovely

  6. Evelyn Morgan says:


  7. kruthikv says:

    @MrBallin090 haha nice one!

  8. Pent5HT says:

    The only tricks my little golden knows is Shake and sit lol xD hes about 6
    months old

  9. dummy2k says:

    @lemonfilms214 lets try it…”roll over” “no i said roll over

  10. georgeh1231 says:

    i wish my puppy was already trained

  11. bigmoneyboyDC says:

    I typed on lab cuz it stands for like a boss and this Is what I got

  12. kadambariish says:

    GOOOOD BOY JACk!! 🙂 adorable !

  13. Jen Peters says:

    Oh that is sooo silly that people would say you overfed him or that he is
    overweight! Good heavens, he is still very young in this video and must
    have some of his “baby fat”..plus Prednisone really does pack it on…my
    choco lab, Leo, has had to be on Prednisone and I know all too well how
    hungry they get on that…even when you aren’t feeding them any more though
    they do put on the weight!

  14. GraceandMia123lol says:

    Wow what adourable puppy and hes reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyy

  15. rafalekful says:

    madry pies!! Jak go wytresowales?

  16. Eric Thei says:

    My yellow lab was named Jack. He passed this year.

  17. oneil212dude says:

    hes not going to be able to roll over in the future if you keep feeding him

  18. kingushka says:

    How did u teach him? What is yr secret? I have a 5 months old lab and she
    wont listen to anything i say or do…… :/

  19. delmontedulce says:

    @IshhLeanne Lol I was just thinking that too!

  20. Jen Peters says:

    What a good boy!! How old is he now?

  21. MrBallin090 says:

    @kruthikv because they were looking for Like A Boss by The Lonely Island

  22. yulio3000 says:

    @MsBooman12 AMEN!!!!


    VERY CUTE DOG!!!!!

  24. apoorva bakshi says:

    He looked so adorable when u said leave it

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