1980s Army Dog Training Video featuring my Uncle John Bell

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1980s Army Dog Training Video featuring my Uncle John Bell

My Uncle John was/is an expert dog trainer, so while he was serving in the Royal Green Jackets in the 80s they asked him to make a video.

Here is an explanation of how to teach a dog “Ring a bell” My cute chihuahua loves all kind of trick training 🙂 It is amazing what dogs can learn and how fast they do it once they have understand the basic principle. Have fun watching and please also have a look at my other trick training videos 🙂
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16 Responses to “1980s Army Dog Training Video featuring my Uncle John Bell”
  1. athame57 says:

    He has probably had leather uppers added privately as we where allowed to do in RGJ to avoid f-ing about binding yourself up like you’ve hurt your ankles in the morning. Later the MOD got in on the act and supplied them like that.

  2. curlzferrero says:

    Trainer: “Max, come! Come! COME!”
    Max: “My dear chap, I shall be there in good time…”

  3. TurboRatownik says:

    is your uncle wearing Combat boots and puttes??:O

  4. freddy osn says:

    Hey mate, was he in 1 RGJ? He looks like someone I knew from the days back in Germany.

  5. Marenlene says:

    Yes, he is not a purebreed, he is a chihuahua-pug mix 🙂 And he needs to loose some weight, too….

  6. gvictoriah says:

    you chihuahua is a little fatter than mine nice

  7. Marenlene says:

    …Yes 🙂
    Can’t get rid of it….*g*

  8. erfan8 says:

    german accent? 😀

  9. amstaffmaster says:

    Thats one good looking owner 😉

    nice Work girl keep on posting

  10. amstaffmaster says:

    Thats one good looking owner 😉 sorry

    Good work keep on posting:)

  11. YenieD13 says:

    What would be the next step in getting my dog to ring the bell when he has to potty?

  12. Marenlene says:


  13. hardramen says:

    I’m there with you buddy lol

  14. Marenlene says:

    thanks 🙂

  15. NuteBoycdxx says:

    hahaha great video

  16. xanarchist911x says:

    Was I the only one not looking at the dog?

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