2 month old pitbull puppy training

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my puppy che’ learning to wait.
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19 Responses to “2 month old pitbull puppy training”
  1. kennilevy11 says:

    mine just turned 2 months but if he plays with me he bits my hands hard got anny tips?

  2. dicky wijaya says:

    nice bro

  3. IXScopelessXI says:

    Do you have any tips for teaching them this?

  4. kitkat miles says:

    @bordercollie0927 how stereo typical its not the breed it is the owner if the owner I hate ppl lyk u so ignorant

  5. frank0nh says:

    I might buy one in 1 or 2 weeks,but my parent think I won’t b able to take of it(puppy).is it hard ?

  6. panthera50 says:

    Its because you have a very calm voice. 😉

  7. Joseph Fleschner says:

    wow we have a 10 week old red nose and I would love any training tips you have!

  8. carolina3420 says:

    es igual al mio se llama smook 😀

  9. suju bala says:

    beautiful che and nice obedience training..awesome

  10. jessepro90 says:

    How the hell do u do that? I have a 6 month old red nose, i had him since he was 3mts. I can’t do simple stuff like get him 2 suit on command

  11. JonesBoyy129 says:

    Did you know a dog acts how hes trained ?? Plus if you raise a pitbull right they most likely will be more well behaved then some of the humans in this world

  12. Justin Neher says:

    Dont be mad cause wallace the pitbull showed your little bordercollie up in frisbee. What, you havent seen it? You should check it out. Anything a dog can do an apbt can do better.

  13. NiCkSV1Ds says:

    @bordercollie0927 wow ignorant much? I hate people like you who think all pitbulls are vicious why dont you learn about them before you type some little ignorant comment

  14. עידן דיגמי says:


  15. leonmonster says:

    yea my friend pitbull just had her 2 litter and im getting a puppy i wanna know how did u teach it to do that…

  16. M92310 says:

    how did you teach it to do that? ima get a pitbull too & would like to know how you did it ??comment back please? (:

  17. bordercollie0927 says:

    watch so it doesnt eat your babys face off

  18. sheenadavids says:

    Nice training!

  19. hetlarfje says:

    its a pritty dog

    watch my pitbull puppy movie’s i have also learned her to stay, but then for very long distances..


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