3 month old labrador Retriever Puppy doing tricks

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This is my new puppy Maya, she is 3 months old born May 5 this year. I have been clicker training her for about 9 days and we’ve had her for about 14 days to…
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49 Responses to “3 month old labrador Retriever Puppy doing tricks”
  1. Mart Limbeek says:

    Get a girlfriend man!

  2. manz92 says:

    wow she is like 6 years old now!

  3. Harshal Joshi says:

    and ur a stupid , who likes to putting their nose in everything 

  4. eeveetojolteonvideos says:

    Your a retard.

  5. AmmyAmer says:


  6. AmmyAmer says:

    thanks :)

  7. Roberto Oliveira says:

    Thats nothing my lab puppy can play the guitar!

  8. Spoon Blender says:

    Lol, I love how she paws when you say down 😀 Great puppy, guess she is really grown up now?

  9. Brennan Parks says:

    that’s really good for a 3 month old!

  10. MLGBrownCat says:

    Such a beautiful dog, I am getting my fist lab soon!

  11. Cathy Locara says:

    my retriever is 3 months and he loves my singing ‘cruisin’ he calms down :)

  12. pabslondon says:

    Why are there no videos of your puppy doing tricks? Only one video of him eating/drinking baby food

  13. insanelittlesilk says:

    But don’t say sit yet. The moment your pup sits, click and give the treat. Do this repeatedly and eventually add in the actual command and/or hand signal. Watch Kikopup’s channel. She has some awesome dog training techniques.

  14. insanelittlesilk says:

    There’s a few different ways. I taught my lab pups how to sit with the clicker and treats. I had them in front of me and said “sit”. The moment they sat down I would click and treat. I’d repeat that several times. Labs learn quickly so that was very simple (other tricks are harder since both pups get jealous and fight for treats/attention). You can also do luring. Have the treat in front of the nose and slowly pull it over the pup’s head. This makes them sit as they try to follow the treat.

  15. AmmyAmer says:

    how do you make him sit, i have a lab pup 7 weeks old, wanna train him how to sit, please suggest

  16. makochangoodman says:

    my lab is a year and six month old. she loves my playing guitar.

  17. hsshs35 says:

    waste of time… everytime he feeds it for every trick very bad idea

  18. bojordan3 says:

    Sorry to say bro….Your English skills are awful and nobody likes show-offs!

  19. InuPaws says:

    Beautiful looking labbie!

  20. luke wolstenholme says:

    i have one

  21. Matas Čia Matas tiesiog says:

    I wish i had a dog.. 🙁

  22. LazyCow says:

    I won’t Labrador really bad but mum say no

  23. logan14911 says:

    i want a labrador soo bad!

  24. Rachel Rodriguez says:

    Impressive. I just got a female labrador retreiver and she turned 3 months 2 days ago. Training is in the works. Any suggestions for crate training ? I live in an apartment. Must do this before she tears the place apart.

  25. MrYuotube01 says:

    I want to see a kitten do that.

  26. sefo hasanain says:

    my dog learned it in 30 mins he did it i thought he was really dead

  27. Harleen Maan says:

    that;s the cutest thing in the world

  28. julianna F says:

    My dog learned this in 20 min and she really love doing it and sometimes she’s really dramatic ^^ we still practice but it’s getting better and better. Click on my channel to see her 😀 thanks a lot for your videos

  29. jean havok says:

    it’s not working on my dog
    what should i do ????

  30. Sgt Slim says:

    I’ll roll over for her!

  31. ally hill says:

    awsome so cute dog

  32. renegadeericp23 says:

    Does this come with a Manual?

  33. Joe Watkins says:

    I have a pug does it work for them plz answer

  34. Elibeth Lopez says:


  35. milano007100 says:

    i got a cross breed his dad was a butterfly dog and his mom is a chiwawa

  36. Claire Wilgus says:

    My dog is being stubborn. I’ve been working on this for 30 minutes. its getting annoying. Shes a German Shepherd

  37. RitualofPonies says:

    *looks at profile picture* What breed? 

  38. Josie Davis says:

    me: Down!
    dog: farts and runs away

  39. tootsiepopp116 says:

    my dog only does the first part when you go bang! we are working on the second part!

  40. 737jetliner says:

    The instructions wernt clear enough my dog is stuck in a high speed vortex that leads to a different universe

  41. love09097 says:

    Giving treats is not a good idea

  42. MsRhiannonIrene says:

    Except my dog is just plain stupid and won’t even go down on her head.

  43. kR3WgZ says:

    no offense but tht aint the right sign for gun…its thumb up and index and middle finger pointed out….sorry ASL freak here….

  44. idan11100 says:

    Hi my dog is a german shepherd and when i try to teach him this hi runs away when he is on commend to lie or he bits my this isnt normal and happens whe iturn the snack to the side of is body but the way he is 5 years old

  45. Emirate Saif says:

    id like that milf’s butt 🙂

  46. Josephine-Charlotte Leyman says:

    Yeah, that’s exactly what mine does!

  47. Josephine-Charlotte Leyman says:

    My dog is way to logical for this, when I say “stay” while she’s laying down she just sits up, technically she’s staying in the same place. It’s like in dog’s school we had to move a few steps, let the dog sit, move, sit, move, vit and my dog just thinks: why the hell are we doing this? It makes no sense, we’re not going anywhere and she is more and more reluctant to keep sitting and not go further every step.
    I just know she’s not going to stay down, she’s gonna at the very least look up.

  48. ssk3tch1one says:

    me: BANG!
    dog: -_- 

  49. milano007100 says:

    dog:fu*k no(lays down)

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