6 month old German Shepherd puppy in training

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6 month old German Shepherd puppy in training

Fenrir our 6 month old female GSD pup in training. The right move is marked with ‘yes’ and a reward is given. No hand signals were given- apart from ‘come’ i…
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25 Responses to “6 month old German Shepherd puppy in training”
  1. John Rue says:

    I just can’t resist GSD’s stunning looks. Wherever I see it I take a pause
    for a bit. This dog is great combo of beauty, intelligence and strength.

  2. Valerie Gillmore says:

    I need a dog training expert

  3. DRUMofTRUTH says:

    I just got a 6 month old female German Shepherd and I’ve named her Athena.
    Can she be broken to my voice? I’m willing to be patient as long as it
    reasonably takes. I already love so much and I can tell she has is eager to
    please. Maybe she is just not used to my tone and command. I’m keeping it
    simple w sit and come and lie down. She’s getting better each time of
    training. What can I realistically expect? Scenario?

  4. Brett Repman says:

    I love the coloring on this dog so much, cannot find it anywhere

  5. ZAUO says:

    She will give orders to her husband just like that lol

  6. Mo K says:

    Very nice waist. 

  7. AHMAD mullick says:

    omg which colour is that its fab

  8. LIgirl527 says:

    beautiful shepherd

  9. Emma Maynard says:

    I love it good dog well done

  10. Nikusha Kiknadze says:

    well thats a handsome GDS ! i am getting my pup tomorrow hope it will be
    like this !

  11. hisham dyab says:

    i like what you r doing

  12. Evan Elias Hapnes says:

    I have a dog like that name James (:

  13. claudio rod says:

    i like your ass ,can i see your face now

  14. Peter Lee says:

    that’s a puppy? wonder how big it will be full grown


  15. bisher kayali says:

    hey @fledgesflight, who is your dog trainer?
    can you tell me his name?
    can you send me his number?


    Wow noce gsd..How big is he now?

  17. fledgesflight says:

    Thanks 🙂 will put up another soon, as she’s progressed from this.

  18. fledgesflight says:

    Thankyou- she has mostly German lines

  19. makai0911 says:

    Love the color on your dog. I have a 10 month old gsd my self excellent,
    very loyal and affectionate dogs when properly trained.

  20. Johnny Johnson says:

    Wow what a beautiful dog you have. I have an all black shep. Thats just as
    awsome lol.

  21. Yasser50000 says:

    It Looks like Ass Training to me!

  22. eivissak says:

    “Your stupid?” Your? Uhhhh, dumb ass, learn how to spell before you try to
    insult me. Anyway, no, your comment didn’t offend me or make me feel bad at
    all. It just made me laugh at your shitty grammar. I looked at all your
    other comments on your channel and it made me wonder if you even graduated
    from high school.

  23. eivissak says:


  24. yousini says:

    wow that a very pretty young GSD. May I ask from which breeder?

  25. Texasapathy says:

    How much is that Babe in the window? The one with awesome tail-ail! Woof!

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