7 weeks old Boston Terrier already potty trained (how to train to use the pee pad)

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7 weeks old Boston Terrier already potty trained (how to train to use the pee pad)

In 1 week he was 95% potty trained! The key is to keep him close to his training pad until he’s learned to use the bathroom. You should have a command like “…
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11 Responses to “7 weeks old Boston Terrier already potty trained (how to train to use the pee pad)”
  1. Yuiri Nomoto says:

    FYI he was not tied all day just when he needed to go use the bathroom and
    when I was not home he was in the cage not tied. Otherwise how are you
    gonna teach him? They are going to try to pee where ever they think is the
    toilet. Making puppies staying close to the cage is important when they are
    young unless you want to spend a lot of money repairing your carpet and
    losing your favorite shoes and etc..if you give them freedom before you
    teach them what they are not supposed to do, believe me Bostons will eat
    anything that they think is chewable and tasty. Once it’s in their month,
    you wont ever get it back. If you have had any experience with puppies you
    will understand…So if you are hating on this video, you just have no
    idea….He is over one now and he is never tied and his cage has been long

  2. daphnangie says:

    Why would you have the puppy (1) tied and (2) in a cage? People, if this is
    the way you can keep the dogs, don’t adopt them please!

  3. frenjewy says:

    This dog’s crate should be in a pen so the dog isn’t tied. I hope he
    doesn’t get the rope around his neck and strangle himself. And why is he
    wearing a collar in the house? And why is he 7 weeks old and already alone?
    Where is his mom? Did she die? 

  4. Luna Alvarez says:

    This is not a “How To” Video.

    And isn’t it obvious why the dog is tied? So she can have access in her
    kennel and her bathroom. So she doesn’t walk all over the house. It’s her

  5. MonaLickiLum says:

    Why is he tied in a cage?

  6. dodgyhingst says:

    Boston Terriers are as intelligent as a typical 2 and a half year old
    human. If they had opposable thumbs and the ability to speak…..we
    wouldn’t add them to our families. hahahaha A three year old who never
    grows up……yikes.

  7. Niwa Daisuke says:

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  8. Milane Sine says:

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  9. Amanda Brook says:

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    are home trained excellent pups with good temperament. They go along with
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  10. Liz Wolf says:

    First of all shouldn’t have been sold before 8 weeks, and 2 I hate pee pads
    because it teaches them it’s okay to go in the house.

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