9 Week Old Black Labrador Puppy Training Session

October 5, 2012 by  
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Midnight learning the stay, sit, come, down, and off commands.
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Find more like this at: www.dogproblems.com How To Train A Labrador Retriever Puppy In Two Days is a short demo video of what happened when my cousins Mike and Robin left their 5 1 month-old Lab puppy with me, for a two day dog training vacation.
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10 Responses to “9 Week Old Black Labrador Puppy Training Session”
  1. Josheeboy says:


  2. GusX10 says:

    Esta hermoso,se parece a mi negrita!,

  3. Probie1Kenobie says:

    OMG that dog is CUTE!!! Post more.

  4. 5566Trish says:

    Can i ask why you would use one of those prong collars,partically on a puppy!

  5. MarilouPouletPatate says:

    How old is this puppy??

  6. swordpetals says:

    I’m trying to train our 7 month old lab and don’t know If I’m too late. My worry is that our other dog that is about 3 or 4 years old will be a distraction or might be influencing some bad behavior towards our puppy. I heard it’s too late to train my dog so what can I do!!!??

  7. hAmVoG says:

    how to teach a puppy to eliminate on command?

  8. fastpupdogtraining says:

    Nice Video

  9. costaricajones says:

    Yes, it is.

  10. VikiSil says:

    Is it possible to train a chronic barking breeds like Pomeranians to keep calm the same way?

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