All About Bentley’s (Maltese Puppy) Stuff Part I Food, Treats, Apartment, & Indoor Potty Training

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WATCH IN HD FOR BEST QUALITY* I decided to make a video that’s all about Bentley. In this video I talk about his Puppy Apartment, Food, Treats & Indoor Potty Training Food & Treats Wellness…
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13 Responses to “All About Bentley’s (Maltese Puppy) Stuff Part I Food, Treats, Apartment, & Indoor Potty Training”
  1. thecolorblack x says:

    What do you try to avoid in treats? i wanted to get the Wellness brand
    treats for puppies that you have but I was told to avoid grain products. My
    pup is 8 going on 9 weeks and I have the brand Bil Jac grain free treats.
    You said in your vid you are not too crazy about that brand and I wanted to
    know why? What is in the ingredients that makes it “good but not so good”
    lol I have been having the hardest time with finding treats I have been
    giving him peas. 

  2. vasser29 says:

    Is he trained to go outside? 

  3. vasser29 says:

    But with the little rascal, how does that work with poop

  4. Jimae Worthy says:

    I have to say you are adorable! I love your videos and the way you are just
    down to earth. You also seem extremely knowledgable about your puppy and
    his needs. Cute..cute cute! Also, saving the packages is so smart…who
    cares about people thinking it’s OCD. It’s really not, puppy/dog foods and
    treats get recalled more than people know or care to know. We actually care
    and pay attention to all recalls. Your tip on only American made things is
    key I think as well. Therefore, in my opinion that’s a great idea!!! You
    are a good mommy to your baby so don’t say you aren’t!! I have 3 yorkies
    (that are ages 6 & 7) and recently added a small sheltie (puppy) to my furr
    family. So, that’s what made me look for helpful videos. I found yours to
    be so fun, informative and down right cute!!

    My furr kids have always had run of the house but after recently relocating
    and getting a 2 story house isn’t working for us. Plus one of the yorkies
    is a rescue guy. He’s a bit weird about pooping or peeing outside unless
    the weather conditions are up to his standards lol. I’m going to try your
    method of house training for all of them. I live in Houston now and the
    ground seems to stay wet a lot therefore, my dogs act like lil buttholes as
    they don’t want wet feet. I already have 3 crates for traveling but I guess
    they are about to become part of my household decor as well. Thanks again
    on the tips and letting people know what’s working for you. Keep
    smiling…you are a beautiful girl and hilarious to watch.

    P.S. I do the filtered water as well because if we don’t like tap water
    then why should they have to drink it. And feel free to email me if you

  5. vasser29 says:

    How much were the mats

  6. Jessica Castillo says:

    Amazing video i was planning to do the same the litter box thing in the
    crate but i wasnt sure. Thanks for your help once i get my doggy i will try
    this !!

  7. Latecia Milliner says:

    I actually have the same exact crate and size for my shihtzu. I ordered it
    on pet edge for $99.99 with free shipping. I’m addicted to that website!

  8. Butterfly Lovely says:

    Awesome video!

  9. TheRobinelli says:

    I would like to know how the potty training is going now? I love your
    method I would like to try it myself as I too think crate training can be
    very hard on a small dogs bladder. 

  10. vasser29 says:

    Nevermind I just started watching the video, lol he is trained to go indoor

  11. JustagirlTV says:
  12. Christine Cullen says:

    Hey there girl!..and Bentley..what a spoiled puppy..which isn’t a bad
    thing…I thought of subscripting to one of those “kitty” boxes..i have
    cats, from what i hear they can b pretty pricey per mnth..

  13. TheRobinelli says:

    Also for people telling you it is wrong I don’t see how it is much
    different than using an exercise pen with potty pads at one end.

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