Bark Busters Dog Training Tips for Bringing Home a Puppy – Steve Dell

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Bark Busters dog trainer Steve Dell has tips for bringing home a new puppy.
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6 Responses to “Bark Busters Dog Training Tips for Bringing Home a Puppy – Steve Dell”
  1. Tumbokon1999 says:

    adopt dont shop (pet stores)

  2. starla181 says:

    Did she just say SHOPPING for a puppy…I was irritated by these people the
    whole video.

  3. Jp S says:

    @maripilar74 Even if there NOT from puppy mills there from Back yard
    breeders, ppl who either breed certain breeds together cause they know they
    will sell not knowing or caring about what defects or characteristics will
    be passed on or they got two dog, never fixed them then they bred
    (irresponsible I think)

  4. Robert Conners says:

    Puppy mills are puppy farms, where dogs live there whole life caged up used
    to just make puppys to sell on

  5. Snowflake4931 says:

    What are puppy mills??

  6. Jp S says:

    I say “HUMANE SOCIETY ALL THE WAY” There are always MIXED breeds in there,
    and there all in need of HOMES…

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