Basic Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog to Stop Barking

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Learn how to teach your dog to stop barking in this free dog training video. Expert: Jim Leske Bio: My name is Jim Leske, Animal Behaviorist & Trainer. Filmm…


25 Responses to “Basic Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Dog to Stop Barking”
  1. barkingmadtraining says:

    Eventually, the dog training ceases as the dog connects his barking with an
    unpleasant experience.

  2. Irene Valbuena says:

    didn’t work for my dogs =S

  3. crustytowel says:

    @LonghornGuy247 lol

  4. banter gooner says:

    I have owned 6. Look how vigorously he is doing it though.

  5. Daniël Zon says:

    @weightloss220 don’t ‘kick’ the dog outside, but go with him and take his
    favorite toy(s) with you. Let him make the move too play with the toy(s) by
    showing them, if the dog needs more stimulation you can ask with a high
    pitched voice if “he wants the toy/it”. After the dog played for a while
    leave and go inside around the corner so the dog can’t see you, stay out of
    sight for a short while (1 – 3 min.). After you come back play with the dog
    again, you will have to repeat this a couple of times

  6. eden153100 says:

    @Clone9907 my dog did that too, make sure you dont let her sleep with you
    or anyone else when she does barks. You can let her outside to go to the
    bathroom, give her something to be occupied with, such as food or a toy,
    and if your dog still does it, just leave her, she will learn although its

  7. daiddaful says:

    He could also be barking because he’s not sure of what is around him. My
    dog is perfectly still, and quiet at my cabin. All that there is around him
    is grass, grass, and more grass. While if I put him outside my house there
    will be lagre houses, noises, movement, barking, and so on. There is no
    quick way to stop barking. Reward your shep for how long he manages to be
    quiet. Start with 1 minute, then evolve to 5 minutes, and then 10, and then
    20, and then so on.

  8. Theshortiko says:

    Seriously! He’s abusing the poor dog’s ears!!

  9. crustytowel says:

    @RavEorDiE8160 easyest fix is to dominate down him everytime he barks. hold
    him on his side and wait until hes quiet and calm, while useing the same
    word or sound for shut up. my puppy ised to do the same thing. also only
    feed him/pet when hes calm ad quiet, patenice is the key here

  10. James Madison says:

    nvm, its not lol

  11. ponyluv617 says:

    I didn’t know a dog could be so hard to keep your paws off of… I feel
    stupid using such a stupid phrase. “Paws off”

  12. Drakon Fyre says:

    you can either a) leave her for a few minutes or until she stops b) reward
    her randomly when she is quiet

  13. Tora's Australian Labradoodes says:

    Good clip.

  14. Hannah Bauchat says:

    A dog wants a hard and fast reward, not to be awkwardly pet on the head
    without any real gain. A quick concise reward for an action,
    instantaneously. This is not at all operand[sic] OPERANT conditioning.

  15. Pr3ttyB0yyy says:

    the fukk is thiss

  16. indigothecat says:

    I want to bitchslap my roommate so bad. He hugs and pets his dog and kindly
    talks to him when he barks. No wonder this dog’s barking has gotten worse
    since he moved here.

  17. indigothecat says:

    He’s not kidding. I got my roommate’s dog to stop barking at me when I come
    home, but his dog still barks at everyone else… and it’s because they
    either ignore the barking, or cuddle and pet him to try and “calm him down.”

  18. Hannah Bauchat says:

    You mean that nervous awkward petting…that you do through the entire
    video? This is painfully weird.

  19. James Madison says:

    is this in Costa Mesa CA/?

  20. Paul McD says:

    that was lame!!

  21. azamar1000 says:

    Simply put tape around its mouth making sure its nose don’t get covered by
    tape and voila!!!! Bellisimo quiet.

  22. Erin Burbach says:

    cwdballer, basset hound. If you’re willing to put forth the effort to do
    some basic training, you’ll have a perfect family pet. I would get an adult
    one from the shelter, as the shelter or previous owner will most likely
    have done the housebreaking for you. I speak as an owner of a wonderful
    rescued basset.

  23. changokid says:

    So when the dog does something good you pet it? Genius! I love expert

  24. ItsMsquare says:

    I think this only worked in 2002. Its 2011, im pretty sure we have an App
    for that.

  25. Anne Maj Dalgaard says:

    If you want to stop your dogs barking, you have to ignore it when it
    barks.. that way your dog understands that if it barks, it wont get any
    attention. If it barks ind you yell “shut up” or “be quiet” the dog thinks
    your ‘barking’ too, and you tell it to bark even more because the threat is
    near and dangerous.

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