Basic Puppy Obedience Training at 8 Weeks

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Basic Puppy Obedience Training at 8 Weeks

Basic puppy obedience training with Charlie Rose (Australian Shepherd) at 8 weeks. At this point, she was just beginning to understand some basic commands an…
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6 Responses to “Basic Puppy Obedience Training at 8 Weeks”
  1. Ashley Carroll says:

    cool I just got one she 7 weeks

  2. heyhisweet x says:

    My puppy’s a cavachon is 11 weeks and she’s called Bella rose

  3. Nicole13Taty says:

    My Australian sheppard lab mix is 8 weeks old and I named him Charlie (:
    trying to get him to know what his name is….

  4. chaosdelta23 says:

    I got an aussie puppy three days ago and I can´t wait to begin with her
    training. Any tips on how you trained yours?

  5. ShepAussie says:

    She’s cute.

  6. FoutsNC says:

    Thank you… She’s a bit bigger now. Hopefully we will get an updated video
    up soon 🙂

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