Beagle Boys Rabbit Hunting – Gator Ride and Training Pete 8-14-13

November 19, 2014 by  
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I take my beagles for a training run on a John Deere Gator. The next morning I try to get my Uncle’s 4 month old puppy started on cottontail rabbits.


5 Responses to “Beagle Boys Rabbit Hunting – Gator Ride and Training Pete 8-14-13”
  1. Outdoorsman1515 says:

    Pete looks kinda like my dog

  2. AddictionOutdoors says:

    Hey! Love your videos! Where abouts in Erie did you get Beau if you don’t
    mind me asking? I live around Erie and know of a few kennels 

  3. BeagleBoys RabbitHunting says:

    We like to use the Remington 870 compact because its light and easy to get
    through thick brush. It’s also easy to switch the chokes. We use a full
    choke for snowshoes.

  4. Damir Hector says:

    I got that exact same remington 870 20 gauge…

  5. BeagleBoys RabbitHunting says:

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