Beagle puppy fetch training

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Beagle puppy fetch training

My 4 month old beagle puppy Arnie loves to fetch.
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[Jan. 15 2006] 2-month-old beagle puppy, Kaiser, is learning “Sit” for the first time.…
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3 Responses to “Beagle puppy fetch training”
  1. ffsnerdic456 says:

    that’s not the right way…to make a puppy sit most trainers suggest that
    you take a treat above the puppy’s head and as a consequence he/she will
    sit in order to be able to look up to the treat..

  2. ffsnerdic456 says:

    ok 🙂

  3. Darksassy says:

    not even back wehen i was 13 I would force the puppy to sit and give him
    the treat while saying it…. I wouldn’t be holding its bottom down…
    because the puppy would force itself to get back up like in the vid. (12yr

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