Beagle Puppy Louie from 8 weeks to 8 months

September 11, 2013 by  
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Move to 1:40min for instant demolition part! Howl @ 4:14 This is Louie my beagle , made a little movie from the first day in my house untill now…..the demo…
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24 Responses to “Beagle Puppy Louie from 8 weeks to 8 months”
  1. Luthienq says:

    Lovely dog. I have a 2 year-old beagle that does exactly the same things. He’s my life, Iiss him so much coz I’ve been far from him 7 months already 🙁

  2. BlackMustangStudio says:

    Ahh cute I have a border collie how old is Louie now?

  3. Louie TheBeagle says:

    Ow hell yes!!! Beagles are the most social dogs and everybody must become there friend :-). But most dogs dont like the “i wanna be your friend” beagle way of talking 🙂

  4. dragonijus says:

    Do he play with other dogs!! ?!??!

  5. oscarandtilly says:

    Cutest dog going

  6. Louie TheBeagle says:

    Hij komt van een topfokker uit Nederland inderdaad 😉

  7. MedAkoy says:

    since i was a little girl i wish to have a beagle, but my parents won’t buy me one 🙁 i know i can take care of a dog! now i have 2 cats, and live together with my boyfriend, his mother and a pug and i try to persuade them, that i can have one…. i know they will say no…. 🙁

  8. Raul Albertos says:

    hahahah at 2:17 Lol

  9. Winkfield says:

    What a totally awesome video. The bark at 3:20 got one of my Japanese chins going! Thanks for sharing your cute fur-baby 🙂

  10. GotMap says:

    Was dat Nederlands dat ik zag buiten?

  11. sarah suthers says:

    love it .. cant wait to the day i get my own beagle

  12. Louie TheBeagle says:

    Lol no Nilfisk 🙂

  13. Chris Beaver says:

    is that a Miele vacuum cleaner?

  14. Ilovemybeagle02 says:

    I love beagles I’m picking mine up next weekend

  15. RudigerDumiharter says:

    yup thats a beagle lol. perfectly captured the beagles character.

  16. Cosmo Kramer says:

    My beagle’s name is louie

  17. Emily May says:

    Awesome Video! Beagles Rule!

  18. Jonhard Hansen says:

    Man….. I fucking love beagles…

  19. abrvtn says:

    love the pic of him under the blanket after all his shenanigans… my beagle mix is the same. busy all day then demands to be covered on the couch/bed when he’s tired after it all. love them so much.

  20. MaksCockerS says:

    Wooow ! So sweet 🙂

    2:13 i have the same with my puppy Cocker Spaniel 🙂

  21. Louie TheBeagle says:

    The beagle wants to sleep with the cat and become close friends….thats the beagle side of the story. The cat might not be amused with that :-).

  22. alexander dela cruz says:

    Aww…love them!

  23. TheGamingAthlete1 says:

    They will get used to each other

  24. 65water says:

    Very cute. I think it’s a German Beagle.

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