Beagle Puppy Training-5 Tips For Accomplishing It

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Beagle Puppy Training-5 Tips For Accomplishing It

If you own a beagle puppy, then you must need some beagle training tips that would benefit or help you in the process of beagle puppy training. With some patience and more consistency, you can easily train you beagle puppy to become the most obedient and disciplined dog. They are said to be bred in England as hunting dogs. With their skills in problem solving abilities and independent spirit, they make the most ideal companions. But these same qualities in them make it harder for your train your beagle puppy. Know these basic facts and some tips that I am going to explain here for your need:

1. Basic facts for beagle puppy training
The number one rule for training your beagle puppy is understanding his nature. Keep in mind that they love to explore, play and solve problems. They can be distracted easily during the period of adolescence, especially when they are between seven months to two years of age.

So, it would be better if you train your beagle puppy indoor during that period. By following this step, you can grow some good behaviors in him which will make it easier to train him later at public places and parks along with other pets. Training session shouldn’t last more than 5 minutes else they will feel bore and start loathing the training without which they can never become well behaved dog.

2. Dominance
We all know this fact that dogs are pack animals. But the pack mentality in beagle is more dominant. Once they start feeling themselves as the dominant one, then they will never obey your commands and will be extremely disobedient. So, you must establish your dominance over him from the early period. Some people feel pity for their beagle puppy looking at their innocent and clumsy look and ignore the mistakes or nasty things done by the puppy.

If the same thing goes on during their puppyhood, then they start feeling dominant and mistreat their master. So, if you want to make your beagle puppy obedient and disciplined, then you should set boundaries for him from the day you bring him home.

3. Secure feeling for your beagle
Establishing dominance over your beagle puppy can benefit you in two ways. First-they will obey all your commands and secondly, they will feel secure in your leadership. Dogs are pack animals and they need leaders to guide them. If you become his pack leader, then he will feel much secure and that doesn’t allow any abnormal behaviors in them.

4. Positive Reinforcements
Dogs respond quickly to reward based training approach. If you provide treats to your beagle puppy after he obeys your commands, then they will remember this good thing and repeat the same thing in the future when the same command is given to them. However, if you punish your beagle for not obeying you by hitting or beating him, then it will just make negative impact on them and there are high chances in your beagle to resent you for it.

5. Patience but consistency
Nothing can be learned at once. So, you need to be highly patient while training your beagle puppy. Don’t make the training sessions longer. Instead divide the training sessions into many short periods. Involve him in it each day by making a routine. Be consistent else you beagle may forget the things you trained yesterday when you try to repeat the same thing after few days.

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