Beagle Puppy Training Made Easy

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Beagle Puppy Training Made Easy

The first step you can do when you bring your beagle puppy home is to make him used to with the family members of the house but don’t overwhelm the pup with too many visitors until he has settled in the home and know who exactly the owner is. Let the puppy to take some time around the house to know the surrounding and the environment. You cannot take the puppy at the public if the dog is not vaccinated. So allow him to stay at the home before venturing them to the outer world.

Training a dog could be much more challenging if it is your first pet. The success of your dog learning new tricks and the approach you made to your dog hugely depend on the breed of your dog. Some dog will take a hard time to communicate with the owner and learning new things, however some breeds learn the new tricks quickly. And this beagle puppy fit somewhere between this.

Among the intelligent dogs, beagles are one of the capable that can learn new things quickly but don’t have the attention span to do it. They are best known as the hunting dog which shows that they have extremely sensitive smelling power and have the instinct to track the prey which later on can cause some problems during the training.

Off course it doesn’t mean it is hard to train your beagle puppy if trained in the right manners and taking care and creating a bond between the owner and the pet. You must be firm and establish that you are the leader of the pack and the only important thing that matters is your commands more than the smell of some other animal that just passed away. These dogs are the packed animals and like to be in the pack. If you don’t show yourself as the leader of the pack, it will be much harder to train your beagle. Once you create a bond between you and your dog, training your dog will much easy. Let’s head for some simple training instruction.

1. Potty training is one of the first lessons you can teach to your beagle puppy. You should be starting the training at the very first time you bring the puppy home at the age of about six or seven month. This may be awful to train at early but this is the right time when they can learn with their full potential.

2. Remember for the daily dependable routine which is the key in training beagle puppy. For the first few days of training, keep in mind that every time you dog eat, he will be ready for the potty after 20-30 minutes. So make schedule that is convenient for you to roam around while your dog do his business.

3. It is all up to you to provide the positive reinforcement to your dog by creating fun and enjoyment during the training session. They are very sensitive and can respond to the spiteful nature of shouting and hard handed training acts. As they are distracted much easily, it depends on you to maintain the persistent while training.

4. Praise your beagle whenever he does the right thing. An encouraging words or the light riffle over the fur are some of the good way to let them know that they have pleased you. And say no to any actions that are done against. This will genuinely give them a clue about their work whether good or bad.

Don’t be discouraged if your beagle puppy takes some time in learning the tricks. Consistency, dependability, and positivity are the key for successful beagle puppy training. Do the best.

You can learn to train even the most stubborn breed of dogs within some minutes if you find some really good tips and suggestions from somewhere. Currently I am involved with Dog Trianing Club which  is a site that has a lot to offer regarding several effective training tips for your dogs to make the dog training easy and exciting.


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