Belgian Malinois Khaos training from puppy to adult

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Various clips of our Belgian Malinois training in narcotics detection and PSA (Protection Sports Association) and hanging out with family. Khaos was started …


25 Responses to “Belgian Malinois Khaos training from puppy to adult”
  1. David Sees says:

    Such beautiful dogs

  2. Malinois Dog Point says:

    ▶ Belgian Malinois Khaos training from puppy to adult – YouTube

  3. ZS6JMP says:

    Awesome dog. Awesome video. And then………………….the people he
    protects, to drive it home. A concept most people on this planet doesn’t
    bloody get. But let them cower along in fear. The government keeps them

  4. Infidel SF says:

    Awesome video! 

  5. celebriocrity says:

    Beautiful dog – congrats -well done!

  6. sauer800 says:

    Awesome dog. We just got one and looking forward to training it to become
    a great family dog and protector.

  7. antonio lopez peralta says:
  8. Coolkidswithguitar says:

    Adorable! Check out my handsome malinois!

  9. Canine Justice says:

    It is a distraction device used to test the dogs mettle. It demonstrates if
    the dog has the nerves to continue the pursuit of the “bad guy” even if the
    bad guy is fighting back.

  10. sirjonduke says:

    What effect does slamming a trained dog that has already engaged/ bitten
    the attacker to the ground, or, the effect of swinging it head over heels?
    Would that disorient and cause the dog to let go of the assailant?

  11. Bryse Powers says:

    These dogs need training and we have all those Gitmo detainees that nobody
    wants or would miss. Just sayin’.

  12. cmvegalaw says:

    I got a Malinois who is trained on personal protection. My dog could kill
    defending our family and/or our house, but still is very well behave and
    very kind around my family and kids. Even around complete strangers, but
    only if I am around and they don’t represent a threat, obviously. He only
    shows aggression when order or when needed.

  13. BlackShepherdAzzy says:

    Khaos is just awesome

  14. transmission00 says:

    Would like to watch this on mobile. Why disable it?

  15. Controlledchaosdogs says:

    Sorry, not a dubstep fan I take it, lol.

  16. Controlledchaosdogs says:

    thanks 🙂

  17. GSD07 says:

    Great dog. I’ve a GSD at the mo but would love to get a mali

  18. cane corso says:

    parabéns seu cão e muito bom !!

  19. Canine Justice says:

    Very clean “out,” very nice…

  20. Euric Dinkins says:

    I just got a Malionis puppy? any pointers? dont really want him to be a
    vicious dog. Just a good all around dog (especially with people) who if
    needs to will fight.

  21. InfinateNinjas says:

    Hitting it agitates the dog and makes him bite hard, and the head over
    heels thing is just to look cool there is no meaning behind it and I prefer
    for the decoys to not do that to my dog it can just hurt their teeth.

  22. yvonneost12 says:

    UHHH —– is there a dislike ???? f#2k me someone is a nut case then..

  23. Archon Caltre says:

    First song is fucking kickass. 2nd song is absolutley shit

  24. Jugurta says:

    Malinois need training and love, amazing breed for sure, some hints (
    /watch?v=4K-FCcItzdE )

  25. cmvegalaw says:

    I recommend you to look for advice from a professional trainer that could
    examine your dog’s character face to face, though. Every dog has his own
    personality and the approach on socialization could be different on each
    and every one. On the other hand, you MUST TRAIN YOUR MALINOIS. It’s a MUST
    not an option.

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