Best Dog Training Video Ever! – 11 week old trained German Shepherd puppies!

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Best Puppy Training Video! Watch how these cute puppies are trained using positive & motivational methods. Professional breeders of German Shepherds who sele…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Free Dog Training Tips Learn the secrets to dog training that gives you the freedom to change your dog’s behavior forever…” Understand your dog’s…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


35 Responses to “Best Dog Training Video Ever! – 11 week old trained German Shepherd puppies!”
  1. 911ambulancegirl says:

    This is definately NOT the best dog training video ever. My dog watched it
    four times and she STILL won’t sit.

  2. Angela McCall says:

    This is AMAZING!!! <3

    This is Thinschmidt German Shepherd Kennel in Corona, CA. Where is Corona?
    Anyway, I've googled where this at exactly, located in Southern California,
    up in the hills. Anyhoo, I've watched their video and see how they train
    their puppies at such a young age, between 5-10 weeks. And the kennel
    doesn't release their dogs to new owners till they are 10 weeks old. While
    the puppies are in the kennel, they keep training them. 40-years experience
    training dogs. I'm pretty impress. This is SUPER AMAZING!!!!!!!!! 😀

    Best Dog Training Video Ever! - 11 week old trained German Shepherd puppies!

  3. Llama Pants says:

    Oh my gosh they are so cute, their chunky paws!!!!! I cant even.

  4. Rostam Sarvestani says:


  5. intelligentdogbreedingproject com says:

    Honestly this is a presentation video, not a dog training video. Nice
    presentation, though

  6. Petco says:

    These pups are so adorable. Great channel!

  7. Lup Domnitor says:

    My bf is going to let me have a GSD as soon as we get a big enough
    apartment with a yard or dog park =D he says I should only get a puppy and
    let it get use to me but I want a full grown and to get it from a rescue or
    shelter so I save a dog with no home and give it a home. I don’t want to
    deal with a puppy they are too energetic and need more attention than a
    full grown. What do you guys think?

  8. Daniel Benitez says:

    Honest truth,.,,In my own personal opinion, you don’t need all this amazing
    stimulus for your puppy. It is a little overboard. I have raised many GSD
    with different pedigree lines and personalities and at the end they will
    act upon owner training… We should put the owner trough an extensive
    training.. like listening to Classical Music to calm them down :)

  9. Seirios15 says:

    Advice needed
    Or 1 1/5yr old Malenose shep hates traffic. He keeps looking at it and when
    it gose by , he like to atack it :O! Wy are bikers but he can’t go with us
    this way. Do you have any Idee why and how we can solve this problem?

  10. bommmmmmmm says:

    Advice needed.
    We have a 2yr old male German Sheppard. We are responsible dog owners and
    he has been brought up in a good environment. He is playful and gentle in
    nature, ok with kids, people and most other dogs but we have one serious
    problem. If he see’s a child on a scooter he gets very aggressive, it’s not
    bikes or children on their own – just scooters. We avoid letting him off
    the lead in parks because of this but recently got caught out when a child
    came out of nowhere on one. He rushed over barking, jumped up and with his
    mouth clamped on to the child’s arm & spun him round like a rag doll – I
    had to pull him off the child. Although the child was not physically
    injured it was a terrifying experience for him and left me feeling awful
    about that. My worry is even when the child dropped the scooter and moved
    away it did not stop his aggression until I pulled him off. This must never
    happen again. I must point out again the dog has been brought up in a
    responsible way. It is only with a scooter he has this problem. Can anybody
    offer any advice as we do not know why this is happening. 

  11. brunettesweetie21 says:

    cutest ever

  12. Mollie Sims says:

    My friends has written down the step-by-step guides to guide your puppy
    became alpha dog. It took him 7 years to learn, I think every pet owners
    will desire to study.

  13. Lynne Jones says:

    sort of reminds me of clock work orange.. not sure I like this method.

  14. Gabriele Cripezzi says:

    After only 1.02 mins of video I pushed stop. Training puppies is
    ridiculous. There are so many more things to do to educate (not train) a
    dog at that age. Just stay away from this breeder.

  15. jeredsyn1964 says:

    Hold the dog on a leash while children circle you both on scooters until he
    accepts it.

  16. Free Dog Training Tips says:

    Thank you for this great video. Your dogs are so happy, beautiful and well
    taken care of. God Bless.

  17. Jordon Boring says:

    hahaha petco ohhh you.

  18. Collin Hill says:

    How much are those puppies?

  19. Joe Mansour says:

    Nice video.
    What is the name of the song at the end and by whom please?

  20. Okie Prepper says:

    great video

  21. Mike Stripes says:

    Former U.S. Air Force K-9..I approve…

  22. pntdblack says:

    They take better care of these puppys then most people take care of their
    kids! What are the price ranges of these pups?

  23. Mr.Sickboy says:

    Omg theses dogs are so cute I can’t even watch it XD

  24. Wayne Traff says:

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    heard some awesome things about it and my friend got amazing results with

  25. Secrets to dog training - Dog Obedience Training : Kingdom Of Pets says:

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  26. BEAutifulMusicHeart says:

    This is kind of a load of rubbish! Dogs aren’t like wolfs, it’s been
    proven! Anyway dogs don’t see you as a dog because you aren’t one, they
    don’t generalise well, so why would they treat you like one! Of course they
    have natural behaviours like biting (play and teething) and going to the
    toilette but you just have to teach them when and how they are allowed to
    do them. I’m not saying some of this stuff isn’t okay but it’s just silly
    to treat a dog as a wolf because it’s not one. Would you treat a modern
    human like a evolutionary human? No because they don’t act the same and
    neither do dogs and wolfs.

  27. Cerys Morgan says:

    Awesome clip!
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  28. barkingmadtraining says:

    I am of the opinion that using this method dog training is inhumane and

  29. benny rosado says:

    This guy is great!

  30. Wayne Traff says:

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  31. brian mani says:

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  32. mahesh silva says:

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  33. Dog Obedience Training says:

    great video

  34. Amy Reed says:

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  35. Pavlov Sylvain says:

    human best friend

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