Best way to teach a puppy to come when called (

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Train your puppy to come when called using positive reinforcement and training concepts that work. We have full sets of dog training videos from basic to adv…
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25 Responses to “Best way to teach a puppy to come when called (”
  1. Jacob MsENSKY says:

    Lol your dog doesnt even onow you,he is concatated at your treat and not

  2. Jan Abellana says:

    How can we all ignore the fact that this instructor has really nice ass and

  3. Aarti Lount says:

    It’s absolutely troublesome when your puppy keeps jumping on people.

  4. jdizzle6911 says:

    What kind of collar are you using for this?

  5. lora grande says:

    what kind of dog is she??????

  6. Lil Zavala says:

    The dog is well trained! but it doesn´t RESPECT her personal space and its
    only going coocoo for the treat

  7. Sheila Smith says:

    Wow I cant believe how many people got so distracted by your good looks.
    Guess who didnt earn the treat? LOL. I thought your video was very good
    and I look forward to trying to utilize it with our puppies. Very
    informative, thanks. 

  8. J Lee says:

    I’ve been doing phase 1 with my dog and he will only respond and come when
    I have a treat in my hand. Any tips and advice on how to make him be able
    to come even when I don’t have a treat in my hand? Sorry for such “newb”
    questions. I am a new dog owner! Very happy and excited! Thanks in advance!

  9. WebkinzRetriever101 says:

    Does it work with a kid?

  10. kimmobley333 says:

    Good video, I love that you use the positive training techniques. I
    subscribed, and look forward to checking out the rest of your videos. I
    also use positive reinforcement and it works amazingly. Stop by and check
    out Koby’s tricks some time if you have time. 

  11. yoshitface says:

    can this be done to older dogs as well??

  12. MrStuderman1 says:

    I like your way of training but i prefigure to use a prong collar and teach
    the dog if they don’t come when i ask I say no and give a slight tug and
    the after awhile remove the collar and when I say no the dog knows to

  13. Mohy Yasser says:


  14. JackWilspin says:


  15. Fidel Hernandez says:

    She should not mark more than onece, but i agree, she has a beautiful ass
    and hip

  16. GregK9 says:

    Nice lesson! Cute pup! Love your boots. :D

  17. The Leon says:

    Looks my black german shepherd puppy

  18. Luis Flores says:

    We finally get to see the back side @ 8.31

  19. Nick Boutot says:

    This helped me a lot! thinking about getting a German Shepard, anybody got
    any advice for someone going into the Marines that wants to get one? Btw,
    is it just me or is that girl really pretty?

  20. Clifton Powell says:

    You are so fine! Thanks for the helpful tips too..

  21. DodgeD100Sweptline65 says:

    I got a 9 week old puppy is this to early to train him to come to me?

  22. Benjamin Wendt says:

    I think I love her

  23. Devyn Selnes says:


  24. Garo Demergian says:

    The dog is called gypsy!!! Isnt that rasist? Its like calling your dog Arab

  25. Concionator says:


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