Booker Boxer pups 4th training session- 14weeks old

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Booker Boxer pups 4th training session- 14weeks old

In this video we are working on: Rear end awareness- You can see his improvement in this already since my last video. He is pivoting around on the footstool …
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8 Responses to “Booker Boxer pups 4th training session- 14weeks old”
  1. Vang Yang says:

    The owner n the puppies are both cute!

  2. missfiveday says:

    my 2 year old boxers name is Booker as well…

  3. fitnesslife423 says:

    What is that clicker for

  4. boxagirl says:

    haha I would choose to train a Boxer over a lab anyday 🙂 Boxers aren’t as
    food driven as labs, but in some ways that is a blessing! 🙂

  5. rudebwoyofficial says:

    Docked *

  6. rudebwoyofficial says:

    I’m happy you didn’t dick their tail or have their ears pointed . Good
    training beautiful dog

  7. Cfori says:

    I always wanted to see if boxers could be trained…thanks for the video
    I’m trying to convince my fiancée that a boxer can be trained just like a

  8. boxagirl says:

    Clicker marks correct behaviour at precise time to let him know he did
    something good

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