Cane Corso Puppy Training at Home

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Some obedience and fun tricks with my 10 month old cane corso, Jordan. Check out our other dogs at

Make your puppy’s first weeks at home comfortable – for the both of you. More on


40 Responses to “Cane Corso Puppy Training at Home”
  1. Tkid1021 says:

    Please do I would greatly appreciate it

  2. jrkaser says:

    Thanks DarKin. I would say that I spent about 20 minutes a day training, but she follows me everywhere I go when I’m home LOL

  3. jrkaser says:

    Thanks Tkid. I am going to start uploading videos showing how I trained her because I’ve had a lot of people ask the same thing.

  4. iWork4DaSystem says:

    This is insane! Wow haha I couldnt do this of someone gave me all the time I wanted!

  5. OriginalDarKinHD says:

    @jrkaser absolutely amazing man you seem to be a great owner. About how much time would you say you spent training/spending time with her a day when u first got her as a puppy? Great video man.

  6. Tkid1021 says:

    Dude amazing I have a 5 month old cane Corso male, please show me how to train him the way you have trained yours. Please.

  7. jrkaser says:

    Thank You

  8. Rich103 says:

    Awesome job! Outstanding for sure .

  9. jrkaser says:

    Thanks nickel. I tought her to sit, stay, lay down, and stand at a little over 2 months old. You should teach the basics first and then start on advanced. I tought her something new after the basics at least every 2 weeks, and then reinforced everything shes learned. I start training with things she already knows, then spend about 5-10 min teaching a new trick, and then finish with things shes learned again. Finish Positive. It takes about 20 min a day to have your dog performing for everyone

  10. nickel901 says:

    you did a great job! i have a 2 month old Cane Corso. is it too early to start on some of the advanced ones? how in the heck did u teach the prayer?? so cute!

  11. jrkaser says:

    Thanks for the comment. I use Diamond Naturals Chicken and rice adult dog food. Diamond Naturals is an ultra premium food, that cost less than most of the big name dog foods, plus all my dogs love it and you can visibly see it in there coat. I feed her 3 cups twice a day. You can definately do it at home. There are lots of books and videos here on youtube showing you how to train your dog different tricks. Timing, patience and positive reinforcement are key to a dog that WANTS to please you.

  12. flyeeem1 says:

    Wonderful! We just obtained a cane corso…what kind of dog food do you use and how often do you feed her. Her coat is beautiful. Can we train ours at home like this or do we need dog training classes?

  13. kingpnmt says:

    Nice job!

  14. jrkaser says:

    I used her regular dog food at supper time, 5 days a week for 20 minutes to train her. I would lure her with food to do the things that I wanted and then rewarded for correct actions. I also use tug toys, balls, and praise for rewards.

  15. JpBomEr3xxx says:

    do you feed her?

  16. summerpeace2o9 says:

    a horrible place where neglect and abuse takes place while breeders keep all sorts of dogs in tiny cages where there is hardly enough room to turn and where dogs become immune to disease and live in there shit and pee and its not illegal!!

  17. summerpeace2o9 says:

    in this breed its a “FASHION” along with the cropped tail ears and hair style many find it to be a “recommendation” some breeders do it before sale i’m glad mine has her floppy ears 😀

  18. summerpeace2o9 says:

    aww a schnauzer 🙂

  19. alpals323 says:

    This was very helpful. Thank you

  20. eden153100 says:

    Actually my when i got my puppy us kids played with her the whole time and on the second day we were playing chase when we would chase her and shed chase us and Yoyo is one of the most obedient dogs I know

  21. Artemisandi says:

    idk this ones bigger then a pitbull? lmao idk

  22. meggs00 says:

    Im sorry but I dont agree with children being ‘too’ gentle or quiet around dogs. I think they need to be exposed to a LITTLE roughness, or they will grow up being afraid of loud noises and children and may lead to nipping or other aggressive/afraid behaviors

  23. cantabilemuse says:

    Poor little thing with her ears chopped off. 🙁 What an unnecessary mutilation.

  24. migface3 says:

    he ?

  25. Drdancemajor100 says:

    *non* dog expert??????/ o God

  26. sikhking3 says:

    whats a puppy mil?

  27. gunmomm says:

    There’s actually a lot wrong with those videos. His crate is outside and he’s 11 weeks old. He is at risk of developing barrier frustration and catching various airborne virus’ like distemper. Teaching a dog protection work at 11 weeks is also detrimental to their developmental stage. Unless he’s training it for the military, I don’t see the point of what he’s doing. He has no regard for the dog’s health. At all.

  28. spaztikbetty says:

    What did he say at 4:00?

  29. k9enthusiast says:

    I seen a puppy that must be a eukanuba puppy. The training on this puppy”Viper bulldog” is mind blowing. 11 weeks old and to be obedience and protection trained with control is unreal, watch in for yourself thats “viper bulldog”.

  30. MentalWyro says:

    0:01 – 0:13 That music made this a somewhat epic intro.

  31. justxboredx3 says:

    wait if you don’t want the puppy to be tortured, wouldnt you get one from the pet store so one less tortured puppy?

  32. JessicaLover11 says:

    its an australlian shepard i luv dogs! 🙂

  33. JessicaLover11 says:

    thanx u guys help alot im getting a pup soon:)cant wait!! 😀

  34. sabine48958 says:

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  35. MrScherpenzeel says:

    the music is really annoying

  36. TheAirbusGuy says:

    I think thats a blood hound but im not entirely sure

  37. fregonaz says:

    what is with these people, play with a puppy 20 minutes a day then put it in the crate the rest of the day. TRAIN your dog, you don’t really have to teach them all those cool tricks and stuff, but train them to use the bathroom outside. Also a few “mistakes” are inevitable. Let a dog be a dog, if kids wanna play tug of war, safely of course, making sure not to hurt the dog, then what is the problem. Idiots trying to take the fun out of life, BTW, eukanuba is not really the best brand of food.

  38. GGGGJohan says:

    woops i meant the dog before that one the white and grey one

  39. TheAirbusGuy says:

    dachshund idk if i spelled it right. its a wiener dog

  40. GGGGJohan says:

    hey does anybody know what kind of dog is at 0:03

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