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Video Rating: 4 / 5


39 Responses to “Come when Called: The FASTEST Way to Teach YOUR DOG to COME WHEN CALLED ANYWHERE!”
  1. GrayWarrior says:

    Yes corgis ARE the cutest

  2. Stephanie Szmuc says:

    Corgi’s are the best!!!! <3

  3. zhubenn says:

    i have a 5 year old medium-small breed dog that is used to potty train
    outside of the house. but these days we start coming back home late from
    work and my poor dog has to endure the entire day without potty. he usually
    will NEVER do it at home in the day. he will hold his bladder which i think
    is bad for him. being this stubborn however, he does pee in the middle of
    the night even when we bring him out for a walk at midnight. which confuses
    me. then i tried to confine him to a smaller area, allowing him to walk
    around with potty pads at a corner at night but he just stop peeing in the
    middle of the night altogether, without using the pads. so i tried keeping
    him the whole day confining him to that specific area and he held his
    bladder THE WHOLE TIME. so i gave up, because whilst holding his bladder,
    he couldnt bring himself to eat as well….. i just cant get him to use the
    potty pads. i want him to be able to pee and poo anytime he wants to when
    we’re not at home, and minimize his bladder holding time but i just am at a
    loss of what to do. 

  4. jordanvag says:

    what kind of breed is that dog ? does it get bigger ?

  5. Sydney Peddie says:

    No but they are really really super duper CUTE

  6. Bing Hou says:

    3:13 look at the little tailess butt

  7. emsgirl7296 says:

    Saint bernards are the cutest puppies 🙂 

  8. Constance P says:

    Of course corgis are the cutest, at any age

  9. Skylar Rockgut says:


  10. despinagirl510 says:

    they are the cutest little things

  11. May Wong says:

    All puppies are cute :3

  12. Bing Hou says:

    Yorkshire terriers are the cutest!!!

  13. minecraftdog says:

    i think huskies are the cutest puppies

  14. LAUREN HOLMES says:

    Nope. Maltese puppies!

  15. Satoumu Mc says:

    They certainly are very cute. I think huskys are adorable

  16. LambsSlayDragons says:

    Sorry, but no, I have to disagree. MY dog is THE cutest ! He’s a 2 year
    old boxer. Smart as a a whip, as lovingas all get out and, llet’s put it
    THIS way..》》》》I could roll him up into a little ball and eat him ! 😉
    Cheeto IS cute, tjough !

  17. Orbit Aqua™ says:

    Write *”Pomsky”* into Google. They are basically Alaskan Malamutes that
    stay small.

  18. TheBossNightMiners25 TBNM says:

    I Have A Dog that whenever i say ” Hey” very enthusiastically she Gets
    pretty happy and amped up and she’ll lick me and show love, but why is that
    one word triggers all this?, i’ve said it to her a lot

  19. naruto uzumaki says:


  20. Corgi Cola says:

    i want a corgi so bad (my name xD)

  21. Lennox1492 says:

    Good video. In response to the cutest dog question, the corgi is super cute
    and definitely one I always love to bump into but my heart truly melts for
    the French Bulldog.
    Combination of the snorting, big bat ears, large expression eyes and
    wrinkles on the forehead along with that short muzzle. The corgi is not too
    terribly far behind. 

  22. Dimond Miner says:


  23. Lily Sammi says:

    Corgies are super duper cute

  24. Andy Yeo says:

    Chow’s are the cutest..

  25. DINESH KG says:

    Who can ever say dogs are not cute. They are so much cute

  26. Trisha Badinas says:
  27. Michelle Hernandez says:

    He should show us with a puppy that. Those not know

  28. Ava Nassiry says:

    The puppy’s frozen when the man tells him to stay!

  29. Michelle Hernandez says:

    I think this won’t work he should practice (or show us) on a puppy that
    those not know

  30. Thomas McKonigal says:

    Is this a labradoodle, if not what is it so cute!:)

  31. Darrel Santos says:


  32. Terahui Tunua says:

    …to be sodomised by a dopplehander

  33. Bankad Anka says:

    What dog trainers have learned me: give your dog a treat when he does
    something good, otherwise poke him if he does the opposite.

  34. kontact666 says:

    What if I don’t give him a treat?

  35. Meira Boster says:

    When your dog was sitting he looked like he was fake

  36. maheen kashif says:

    Your dog is so cute 😀 and btw fraisierfantic1 no one cares that your first

  37. FrasierFanatic1 says:

    what the fuck is a dopplehander?? loll

  38. FrasierFanatic1 says:

    FIRST BITCHES!!┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

  39. joydubyadee says:

    Liked since Darwin is a cutie 🙂

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