Crate Training- Part 1- Clicker dog Training

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This video is on the basic steps of training your dog to go in his crate. Stay tuned for part two coming shortly. For more free videos check out my website:


25 Responses to “Crate Training- Part 1- Clicker dog Training”
  1. 111doggal says:

    Hi Emily is there a part two for your crate training? thanks 🙂

  2. GuitarApprentice360 says:

    I already did… try teaching him the trick “back up” and teach him to go inside, in reverse =D

  3. westikle says:

    that is what my dog does. smart little fella! have you found a solution?

  4. westikle says:

    i am so glad i found these videos and the website!!! where is crate training part 2?

  5. gauchegreyhound says:

    Awesome! I’m getting my first dog on Friday and I’ve been studying your videos nonstop! Hopefully these techniques will work, even though my dog already has a set against the crate. He’s 6mo old and I guess he associates the crate with being left home alone all day, and he’s got separation anxiety! But I think if I start with a soft crate that looks nothing like the plastic crates he’s used to, I can start from scratch. 🙂

  6. lubidog says:

    This is all great, but I am picking up my puppy on Saturday and I would like to have her sleep in her crate from the first night on, in my room next to my bed. But won’t I just be making the crate a place of confinement straight away? How can I make her see the crate as a safe place, before I have a ‘release’ word or any training at all…? Thanks.

  7. GuitarApprentice360 says:

    what if my dog doesn’t get his hind legs inside? he stretches to get to the treat?

  8. MsZoraZ says:

    I’m ready for part 2, please!
    Love your vids! I don’t know where’d I be without them!

  9. Staceybob says:

    Clickers are to mark behaviours that you like without having to present a verbal cue, meaning the dog works out tricks by themselves. This generally leads to the dog learning the behaviour faster and more effectively. The dog learns to associate the trick with a treat. They provide a single tone that your dog gets used to hearing rather than a dog picking up our differences in emotions when we praise. Check out kikopups other vids, she has introduction to clicker training ones 🙂

  10. FashionLove03 says:

    Someone Please tell me what a dog clicker is for! My mom is gonna buy me one but i dont know how to use it!!

  11. mscervantes1 says:

    Great vid (they all are actually!!!), one question though. Teach the dog to only come out when you say so. What if the crate is left open when the dog is roaming the house (when we aren’t home) and it wants to go in to hang out….how do you let a dog do this but not feel like it is doing something wrong if it wants to come out before you get home?

  12. hdsheena says:

    I love the sport pet crates.

  13. hockeydiva93 says:

    Easy! The first thing you do is let the puppy go in the crate willingly with a toy or treat and once the dog makes itself comfortable in the crate you close the door. One thing you must remember is that you must not use the crate as a punishment, or else the dog will not like to go inside it, the crate should be a place where the dog feels safe. My dog loves her crate, when we say “Go to bed” she goes to her crate. And when we leave her with a sitter, she goes in her crate when she is scared.

  14. newbear95 says:

    Love this! Gonna teach this to my kitten! 🙂

  15. NottaTrace says:

    OMG it’s like u stole my dog! Lol luv the vid can’t wait for more!

  16. claudiahoyle says:

    another great tutorial! thank you Emily!

  17. MsZoraZ says:

    Please make the territory/boundary video soon! I have been waiting anxiously!

  18. rosemuch says:

    Very useful tutorial, as usual. Thanks Emily.

  19. Rockadoggies says:

    You are so lucky to work with all those amazing pups 🙂 Great work again. I taught my dogs to get in a crate the same way and they love it.

  20. petloverUK says:

    Brilliant video as always!

  21. alomaro says:

    Hey Emily!!! Very useful video, and beautiful puppy!!!!
    I’m ready for part two


  22. bordergirlsmom says:

    Fantastic training, love the bags esp Splash getting into the pink bag! Kathy with Liz/Breeze/Cricket

  23. SheaandBekah says:

    that dog is so cute is it an aussie

  24. SheaandBekah says:

    I love your videos

  25. mithunmi says:

    Emily, U r the best there is 🙂 Thank you so much….

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