Crate Training Puppies – Interaction

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Crate Training Puppies – Interaction

When I talk to people about crate training puppies, I always mention to them that they need to know everything about the process before attempting it. This article will be going over a lot of the things that prove my point. Screwing up some of these key points could really make all of your work for naught.

Another thing that I always mention, and that will be repeated in this lesson…

Positive Reinforcement!

I want to go over original introduction to your puppy’s new crate. It can be a scary thing for him to get used to. It’s not as easy as pushing your puppy into the crate and shutting the door behind him. That’s an underhanded, sneaky thing to do.

Remember… Positive Reinforcement

When crate training puppies, getting your pup to go into the crate by his own free will is crucial. Our goal most of the time in this process is simply getting your new puppy to associate his crate with happiness, comfort and coziness.

There are tricks that will help this process along.

Following these steps is a quick, sure-fire way to console your puppy into accepting your efforts in crate training puppies.

The first trick here is food reinforcements! Feeding your new puppy right outside the crate is a good start. Leave treats near the entrance inside the crate. Should your puppy go inside to investigate and find it’s treat, make sure you give a lot of praise.

Positive Reinforcement is key when crate training puppies!

Imagine you were in the puppy’s shoes (paws?). Investigate this dark scary place. Get a treat. Get praise and attention. How dark and scary is it now? Not quite as much.

This is only a small piece of a free series on crate training puppies. Understanding enough of this to make it worth your while means reading the rest at

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