Day 58 – Mocha’s Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppies Training

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Day 58 - Mocha's Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppies Training

When I read up on it, using a clicker sounded easy. Maybe someone can help me out in the comments. What should you do after the first sit, in order to be abl…
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this video is based on cooper, that makes fun with his friends. he makes: sit, down, stand etc…


11 Responses to “Day 58 – Mocha’s Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppies Training”
  1. techguys says:

    I remember I used the clicker to train my Black Lab. It helped a lot

  2. 57stolenvoices1 says:

    i want a lab puppy..they are very smart dogs and very friendly as well

  3. Jalynn419 says:

    I am not a dog trainer lol..but I think you did good. Can’t expect to be
    perfect on your first try. The pups did real well too…maybe they can
    teach you while you teach them lol 🙂

  4. FetchinPups says:

    Thanks Jal1515

  5. Jal1515 says:

    wow Bailey is very good!! he sat and he’s looking at you.. that’s a very
    very good sign 🙂 .. he knows that he has too look and listen at you to get
    the prize, you have a great start! You should add good boy or good dog :).
    You can click him for coming as well, when he follows you add a command
    like “heel” or “here.” and reward him. You’re doing great 🙂

  6. Steven Hatton says:

    I pick our pup in three weeks, cant wait. These vids help a lot in terms of
    how I intend to approach training…

  7. FetchinPups says:


  8. ObsessedWithSerpents says:

    nice work. I couldn’t get 2 grips with the clicker so I whistled and it did
    the trick…our lab could sit and stay perfectly after just twenty minutes
    home. Btw they’re adorable you are doing a great job! 🙂

  9. FetchinPups says:

    I appreciate the compliment! Thanks!

  10. FetchinPups says:

    @ObsessedWithSerpents Thanks!

  11. ritamcfadd says:

    I have a 14 week old chocolate lab and I got him when he was 8 weeks old.
    We started clicker training within 2 days. You have to hold the treat close
    to his nose and slowly pull it up over and behind his head and that will
    make him sit. As soon as he does that then click and treat. You seem to do
    a good job though. I have noticed that in my case patience is of the up
    most importance and repeat and repeat and repeat………..

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