Dog Lovers Anonymous: Potty Training Part 1

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Amazing how simple it is to train your dog. This is the best guide I ever found on how to train my dog! Check it out!


25 Responses to “Dog Lovers Anonymous: Potty Training Part 1”
  1. Hannah Kenefick says:

    hi my dog I just got him and he doesnt wine when he wants to go out I live
    in apartment but he still doesnt telll me I heard him bark once. 

  2. PLISKEN12 says:

    i like dogs but remember as cesar milan said ” they only live for the
    moment” they are not humans that get sentimental . unlike a lot of people
    growing up w/ disney characters where animals are exactly like humans
    except for their outer skin. a lot of people esp in america think like
    that. be kind to animals always but they dont think like humans . i hope u
    people understand that.

  3. Melissa Wise says:

    We have a 13 week old yorkie male. Potty training isn’t going good. We
    have read everything. We had him for 3 weeks. We just bought a play pen 2
    days ago and a crate 2 weeks ago. He can hold his pee when he’s in the
    crate for 6 hours+. But when he’s out of the crate, it’s a free for all
    around the house and in his play pen. He does not control where, when or
    how often he pees when he’s out of the crate. I take him out the same door,
    go to the same spot. We have been trying to get him use to ringing a bell
    when he has to go out. We have him on a food/water schedule, 3 times a day.
    We are getting discouraged and losing hope. He does not let us know he has
    to go out. What are we doing wrong, what can we do, any tips?

  4. Melissa Wise says:

    One more thought..I jave been told they need to be 16 week before they
    really comprehend potty training. I read to put pee pads down in his play
    pen. But we do take him out when we caught him peeing. We read to cover
    floor with pee pads and then gradually take them away. You stated in your
    second training video not to use pee pad. Confused on both method.

  5. Jessica Moreira says:

    Hello I have a

  6. elisa devitalay says:

    Hopefully im not to late to teach my puppy a potty training.. he’s been 2
    weeks in my house and he still potty all over my house.. 🙁

  7. susan reyes says:

    hi, thanks for the info, I have a question, please email me at thanks

  8. alijee logan says:

    training pads video PLEASE! thumbs up so she can see.

  9. Cheryl Lee says:

    I have 2 eight week old Boston Terriers that I bred. We own the mother.
    This is our first litter and I’m finding it difficult to potty train two at
    once. Should I take them out separately or together. I’m not new to dogs
    but this has been a challenge. They go every time I take them out but we
    still have lots of accidents. Any ideas?

  10. Kristeen Prakash says:

    Please email me at I am having a hard time potty
    training my 4 month yorkie. thanks

  11. akeem350 says:

    you helped me train my little boy yoeekie he is doing much better he now
    knows his potty spot he dosen’t oee and poop in the house and on beds and
    chouchs he has changed his behavior

  12. TheIdiotsInMotionTV says:

    you kinda look like Jenna Marbles :3

  13. Alberto Campos says:

    What’s your email? I need helppp

  14. Katie Battiscombe says:

    help me my husky keep going in my house she is 13 week now and still wont i
    put 1 of her potty towels out the back she goes on it then comes back in
    side and goes again on the floor

  15. Julie J says:

    Everything you need to know about potty training StartPotty. com is easy
    to follow Based on the morning and in 3 Day Method He will decide to be
    created around the time commitment or consistency from parent; therefore
    ideal for the practice until you child charting progress Gradually
    transitioning from parent; therefore ideal for you get it right The Potty
    Training in reality – can be done gradually over time.

  16. DemonBunnyQueen says:

    I adopted a female adult Chihuahua, who hates leashes. We tried to get her
    used to it but she broke free and took off. We eventually got her but it
    was stressful for all of us. And she doesn’t tell me when she has to go.
    She’s scared of snow or anything that falls from the sky, so she won’t go
    further from the porch when it is. Please help.

  17. Grace Sibilia says:

    Help! Have a yorkie puppy coming home today. During the work week we wont
    be home for 7 hours. Need help how to train on wee wee pad. Can I email you?

  18. Jequita Koyama says:

    just happened: >have to go to bathroom, put pad down in bathroom >puppy
    sniffs it, walks over to clothes on floor, pees on towel >peed right on
    bedding last night i thought they instinctively knew not to piss on their
    bedding, but okay >_>

  19. the beauty guru says:

    my lil shikie (shi tzu-yorkie) rings a bell whenever she wants to go potty

  20. ganso624 says:

    I need help i have a 2 mnth puppy put he just doesnt listen sometimes he
    does were his told where put most of the time he dont he is a bit of
    agresive..what can i do???

  21. Luisa howell says:

    Please e mail me

  22. Jackson Hughes says:

    Yes !, The best dog training course I have found is
    Such a great website and videos !!

  23. Luisa howell says:

    I just brought home a 7 week Yorkie I showed him his potty spot and he has
    done his business there but now i noticed he runs away from it and he is
    going outside his spot. Help! I also work full time and have 3 kids can you
    give me tip on potty training in my kind of situation?

  24. Rocky Hsieh says:

    Hi, i have twins(3 months old, a boy and a girl), they hate to go in their
    crate no matter how lovely it is…any tips for me?

  25. TyDy0723 says:

    Sorry pushed button before it was done one we have had for 3 weeks and he
    still goes in the house and won’t whine just pees they are outside most of
    the day so when we bring them in they pee??

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