Dog Training & Care : How to Get a Puppy to Stop Biting

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Get a puppy to stop biting by bopping the puppy underneath the chin or grabbing the muzzle until the dog settles down. Mimic a mother dog to get puppies to s…
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25 Responses to “Dog Training & Care : How to Get a Puppy to Stop Biting”
  1. Cindy Velasquez says:

    Just shut up what else do you want to do?????

  2. bunjyboy100 says:

    You cannot abuse a dog in an attempt to ‘train’ him, You should never be 100 miles near a dog. Your brutal methods will never teach a dog anything.


    i have a male german sheperd puppy almost 13 weeks and he doesnt stop biting i need help please

  4. DawgieStyleTraining says:

    While this way does work, it unfortunately makes the dog think “if i bite him, he’ll hit me”…..I never train using FEAR. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I believe the best way to train is with building trust, and that can be done without even touching a dog.

  5. Miaqueen124 says:

    How cute. Leave him alone lol

  6. John Doe says:

    yea dont do this if you are training a attack dog or drug dog !!

  7. Miguel Maestral says:

    My dog Spike a mini pinchser always active in having sex with a another female dog Marga a belgian verturvuren I try to stop him but attempts to bite my left arm.While Marga always hungry he bites my end of my pants

  8. ThePhenomenal1x says:


  9. MelodyPythonVeria says:

    I don’t suggest a “No” either. There are ways to correct how a dog behaves other than punishment, like teaching them a different way to respond. A dog is biting while playing, teach it to bite a toy instead or to do something else while playing instead of biting. I’ve found that with my grandparent’s puppy the best “punishment” is removing my attention. Most dogs are the same, though some aren’t.

  10. staroxia says:

    Also, All dogs are different, and not all dogs will respond to one type of correctional action. My pup is too young to know what “No” Means. I Literally have to Mother him. I have to teach him dog body language, how hard he can bite, what is acceptable and not. He doesn’t speak english, he doesn’t know what No is. The only thing that works for him, is Growling at him like his mother would, or “Nipping” like his mother would. He only Just learned his name.

  11. staroxia says:

    First of all, A dog shouldn’t be Scared in the first place. Or have a Reason to be scared. If it is scared, then why shouldn’t it bite? It’s defending it self. Dealing with Fear for a dog is just letting them bottle their emotions up. Thats when a dog turns on someone, because the owner is trying to humanize a Dog. My 6 week old pup, in the toddler stage, is popped on the nose when he bites too hard simulating a mothers nip When he chews hes told No and given a toy he Can chew

  12. MelodyPythonVeria says:

    But there are ways to teach a dog without using these techniques that make a dog yelp. So why do it?
    Plus, dogs taught by their mother to not bite will still bite in situations when they are scared, maybe not so often when over excited since that’s what the mother is disciplining. If we teach our dogs another way to react when they’re scared or deal with it rather than biting it’s less likely they’ll bite than if you just punish for it.

  13. staroxia says:

    Then he sees you as a litter-mate, not the mother.

  14. staroxia says:

    Actually, no, The way the mother teaches the pup to calm down and stop biting is to Growl, nip, cover their muzzle with theirs, and a few others. Mother dogs pups that are being disciplined yelp as well. 

  15. EAST SIDER says:

    Thats a beautiful dog bruh

  16. strawberykiri says:

    Nope, your dog just finds those things rewarding. If a puppy learns that biting leads to being in a “time out,” and they are giving appropriate things to chew on instead when they are playing, then they will be more successful. A proper time out is one where the pup has no access to people, and only needs to last a minute (literally!). Also, if a pup is encouraged to chew on something he IS allowed to have, his mouth will be busy on that instead of on your hand.

  17. MelodyPythonVeria says:

    “He may scream, he may whine, he may bite…”

    Then why are you doing it to dogs? All you’re doing is scaring the dog out of biting. Generally there’s an emotional reason behind biting. You sort of covered excited biting (badly). All your methods will do is supress the biting, the emotion will still build and your dog will want to bite even more (as some people on here have pointed out). Redirect that energy to something else, like a toy. Don’t give them the oppertunity to bite you.

  18. TheAstroble says:

    YOu are half right. Yes he wants to play but if you have other children then removing yourself = the puppy going to a child to play with and bite them. Yes they want to play. I have tried closing his mouth. Doesnt’ work. I have tried making a fist every time he tries to bite so that my hand is not a comfortable toy. Not successsful. I have tried the newspaper. he just wants to shred that. Still thinks I am playing. So I either have a retarted dog or he needs a muzzle. Right?

  19. Sam Carrera says:

    that didnt work. HE STILL BITES ME

  20. PRJking says:

    No he doesn’t, at worst he bites me until I say “Stop”.

    Instead of punishing your dog for doing something wrong, reward him when he does something right, always be positive.
    Remember that dogs don’t want to ruin your life, only humans do that, they only want someone to lead them.

    How can you expect a 9 weeks old puppy to understand the concept of punishment?
    by hitting your dog like that, the dog learns that his owner is untrustworthy.

  21. Andrei Ghinea says:

    and i bet he still bites you….and you always have to distract him….not effective

  22. PRJking says:

    When you cause pain to your dog, he won’t trust you ever.
    I stopped my dog from biting me by luring him with a bone making my hand less attractive.
    Time after time I put my hand in front of his mouth and every time he bite me, I distracted him with the bone, once he stopped I rewarded him by padding him on his chin (not punching him up his chin).
    Do not be violent towards your dog!

  23. Matthias Heindl says:

    oh yes u must break his neck
    and than this techniques will work!

  24. strawberykiri says:

    I’ve never seen a mother dog close a puppies mouth until it settles down…and those techniques will not work for most puppies because they bite becuase they want to play with you. reacting to the biting in this way can exite some pups even more, which will be unleashed by more biting because many see it as you playing with them. If a puppy bites to try playing with you, removing yourself from the puppy EVERY time it bites you. It will teach the puppy that biting= you leaving.

  25. billyoffire says:

    what if he bites my leg?

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