Dog Training & Care : Solutions to Stop Puppies From Biting

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One solution to keep a puppy from biting is to grab onto her muzzle to keep her mouth shut, showing that the owner is dominant and intolerable of such behavi…
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25 Responses to “Dog Training & Care : Solutions to Stop Puppies From Biting”
  1. Matthew lysakowski says:

    What an idiot.

  2. John Smith says:


  3. gavroash says:

    @tshaya18 There are better ways than this.’Being boss’ is about good
    leadership skills, not who’s stronger. Being the leader is about controling
    food resources, giving a treat only when deserved, being clear and
    uncompromising with your commands, and knowing when to praise, reward or
    take the dog for a walk, and when to give time out or show the dog he’s bad
    and walk out of the room and leave him alone. If you teach it that it’s all
    about strength, dog will try that rule every now and then.

  4. TheLandluft says:

    @ProphetGuardian it doesn’t hurt i promise ! the dog will whine if it will
    hurt . or try to escape but in the video u see that she is sitting there
    and doesn’t feel any pain

  5. Richard Haddad says:

    it’s not abuse jackass…are you the trainer or the dog’s pet..huh?…great
    advise man keep it up

  6. mr5890859355 says:

    thanks a lot

  7. גיא תיכון says:

    have you heard of “Learned helplessness”????

  8. Bogs Esdi says:

    but, the dog might bite its tongue…?

  9. Eric Johnson says:

    I dealing with a mouthy puppy right now he is much to quick and agile (as
    most dogs are) to grab his mouth. I also find it a bad idea to use hurtful
    techniques like that on a dog exhibiting perfect behavior. Pulling on the
    leash only makes dogs more excited.

  10. TheLandluft says:

    @KazziKolorZz wrong! in a pack the dogs bite each other if one tryes to get
    the leader but the leader does not alow this. the mum of the puppys give
    her puppys a soft bite if they bite in to the teat. i saw this at my puppy
    and his mother. dogs don’t say i don’t want this . and thats the same

  11. Bobby Hall says:

    it work on my pitbull 6month puppy. she has become so much easier to work
    with now thanx.

  12. gavroash says:

    @jattkang Once this happens, make a very sharp and loud yelp (different
    than the regualr ‘no’, it needs to be quite loud and sharp), then instantly
    stop playing and walk out of the room leaving him alone for at least 5
    minutes and not longer than 10. I only had to do it once, but some dogs
    need more. It’s mainly about how long you let the problem go on before you
    fix it. I hope this works, and please don’t try any of the crazy negative
    stuff those people promote.

  13. Kazzi K says:

    If you train your dog with punishment like muzzle grabbing, bopping, or
    choking, you may have a well trained job, but a dog who is well trained to
    mistrust you. It also shows him that aggression is sometimes okay which is
    dangerous with a large breed dog like that.

  14. MeowingWolf25 says:

    @Sprint4urLife when she snaps or growls at you try to make yourself look
    bigger like standing over her. if shes a bigger dog (shes part chow so she
    may be a little bit small) then try growling back and/or showing your
    teeth. this helps with my dogs because it shows that i am going to fight
    for dominance. but if she gets worse after this you must pin her and growl.
    a lot of people think this is cruel.but dogs were once wild and they have
    wolves as cousins. its their nature to fight for dominance.

  15. gavroash says:

    @MeowingWolf25 I’m begging you people to stop promoting for the alpha
    roll.If you do it you might get your dog under control JUST on that moment,
    but you’ll lose his trust forever. Also, a dog takes this as a life threat,
    unlike you said, in the wild, this is not how they show dominance, this is
    how they fight to kill, and that’s what the dog will think. In that case,
    it’s most likely going to try to attack back, or if it works, never trust
    him and snap the first chance it gets. a pro can help

  16. Ranbir Singh says:

    i used the muzzle grab on my dog, i didnt use a great amount of force, just
    enough for him to realize his mistake, the bitin started at 3months (wen i
    purchased him) he stopped biting at around 4 months, he is now 14months and
    hasnt bitten or nipped at me since. alot of peepl say that the dog may stop
    trusting u for this technique….but mine trusts me like thers no tomorow,
    i have absolute faith in my dog! if u dnt like this method, simply use a
    different one, training varies according to breed

  17. artmaster1225 says:

    every time my dog would bite me instead of bopping her under her jaw i’d do
    it on the nose like you said it makes the dog hand shy my dog is 13 weeks
    old is it too late to change from bopping her on the nose to under the jaw.

  18. MeowingWolf25 says:

    they do fight for dominance and will do so. and they are as if they are in
    a pack. you must be a good leader but also show that you will not put up
    with foolish actions. take the african wild dog, they have ranks in their
    packs. alphas are leaders and guid the pack but also show the pack that
    they are boss and they say what to do and not. to do this they snarl when
    they get angry at another african wild dogs action. or they might pin the
    other dog to show dominance and they are bigger.

  19. aes620hb2 says:

    @valenciabruce everything gets alot better after their nuttered and are
    around 1 year old they start to calm down and stuff

  20. Walter Solano says:

    Thanks. ! 🙂

  21. mrjumbomuffin123 says:

    have you ever heard of animal police

  22. jattkang says:

    yea nice stuff, thanks man, but what if the dog gets irritated with us
    holding his mouth down . i have a 4month old gsd and he just likes giving
    tiny bites, any suggestion?

  23. Sabine1975 says:

    JUST for unnecessarily grabbing her muzzle to “show the technique” in this
    video this guy should be beaten up for 🙁 He confuses and hurts his dog
    for a video – great technique, applause. The ONLY solution to prevent the
    puppy from being mouthy is to ignore the behaviour, leave it alone for a
    few minutes to calm him down and show by ignoring it that its behaviour was
    wrong. Also use positive reinforcement to teach the things which he/she is
    doing right. No muzzle grab or “bopping” necessary.

  24. Sprint4urLife says:

    i have a question for any one thats willing to answer. my dog is now two
    years old, shes a husky chow mix who, no matter what i try will not calm
    down and if if reprimand her she will show her teeth and growl, when i try
    to do the “bop” or the muzzle holding as soon as i move away she will bite
    at my hand, she will bite anyone who enters the house and is overly
    protective over me and my family. i have no idea how else to establish

  25. MeowingWolf25 says:

    Yes, you can do many things to train your dog.

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