Dog Training : How to Train a Puppy to Stop Biting

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In order to train a puppy to stop biting, it’s helpful to use a leash correction to let them know what they’re not supposed to do. Discover why it’s importan…
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Cesar takes an aggressive German Sheppard named Troy to his long time colleague to measure his “level of aggression”. Dog Whisperer: Troy and Roxy : SAT DECE…


50 Responses to “Dog Training : How to Train a Puppy to Stop Biting”
  1. jsf525 says:

    The best way is to hold the dog down on his or her side and use your hand
    as a mouth of a dog and your fingers as teeth. You hold the Dog down on the
    neck just as another dog would do to another Dog. and you slowly move your
    hand away till the Dog gives up. Now he will see you as a pack leader. this
    is the same as the dog whisperer Cesar millan would do. I am a trainer in
    boca raton Florida. I volunteer at all the dog shelters to rehabilitate
    dogs so they can get a good home. thank you Jeff

  2. e13373 says:

    Have you cut its tail off? :<

  3. jannywazuni says:

    Bad advice. There’s no reason to “leash correct” this behavior–many
    positive reinforcement methods are available instead. Notice how confused
    the dog seems when he gets the leash jerk.

  4. jlmkjhg says:

    wow your really good at dog training

  5. RFCGUNS says:

    this dog is beautifull

  6. Mia Mori says:


  7. monique9134 says:

    how can i reach this guy?i want him to be train my dog ,i like hes methods
    an videos,u people just plain stupid about dog training,hes actually do it
    in a way it supposed to do..If anybody know any info about how to reach him
    please inbox me thanx..

  8. Vitalani R says:

    WHY is ehow using this idiot? His “business” is registered as a GROOMER and
    he clearly has NEVER received any formal training.

  9. Heather Coleman says:

    You too obviously know NOTHING about pit bulls expect for what you see on
    tv! I see talking fish on tv, does it mean thats real or true? NO, I am
    smarter than that to believe something so stupid!

  10. Paumonsu says:

    The best train is to let him play with other dogs, then he won’t bite hard

  11. rakan ashary says:

    my pitbull is 47 days when can i give her a walk???

  12. TheCeo 89 says:

    Heather Coleman just coz a ‘study’ you quote states that put bulls don’t
    have the strongest bite does not mean they are not naturally vicious.

  13. Andrew PJF says:

    those dogs are meant to bite. theyre naturally vicious. good luck trying to
    get it to stop

  14. aes620hb2 says:

    @PaleGoldLizard looks like a english bulldog 2 me

  15. psyclone253 says:

    How do I stop my room mates pit from biting me? It is always random though
    and when I try to stop it, he just smiles and will try to bite me again,

  16. Sarfraz Khan says:

    This is seriously wrong I agree with method but these people are just doing
    this very hard

  17. Heather Coleman says:

    Wow, you are obviously stupid and need to research some more! You are like
    millions of others who only judge what the media tells you to

  18. sorayasoraya soraya says:


  19. PrettyLoather says:

    @PacificaPet it’s not abuse dude. some negative reinforcement is o.k..

  20. PacificaPet says:

    Corrections are entirely unnecessary in dog training, if you know what
    you’re doing. Don’t take my word for it – PLEASE *everyone* go to the
    website for the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and see what
    the VETERINARY BEHAVIORISTS think – read their position statements on the
    use of punishment and dominance in training (YT won’t let me embed a link
    to their site – sorry!). Let’s stop the abuse!!

  21. hella inked says:

    if he had his hand in my mouth?

  22. justfor559 says:

    shut up ypu dont know anything get some iformation on how can a dog be
    correctet or why with leash

  23. sAmetserbest1992 says:

    after his second injection. i have a 8 week old amstaff and cant take him
    out yet..

  24. amysue23 says:

    i like this bc dogs dont need to bite unless their defending themselfs or
    there master. im living with some1 that has a pit and a little boy and he
    shouldnt have his teeth anyware near a little kid

  25. paul elder says:

    hahahh hands in mouth!!

  26. Handsome_Hero says:

    lol the black guy said hello to Cesar and the dog but didn’t even look at
    the white couple! :D

  27. Traci Marks says:

    Notice the aggressive dogs that ARE NOT PIT BULLS. 

  28. Brad Strong says:

    many people don’t realize the training in this video didn’t start yet. They
    were trying to measure his level of prey drive to better understand the dog
    aggression problem he was having. A good breeder will do a temperament test
    in pups at a certain age for many things including prey drive. A dog with a
    strong prey drive wouldn’t work well on a farm because he would constantly
    chase all the animals. 

  29. George LFC says:

    O.J sounds like dennis rodman LOL


    I have a rottweiler 2 year old when I bring him in from outside he snaps
    his jaw at me 

  31. Anthony Pellecchia says:

    They should give OJ a show

  32. ro0kie says:

    I’ve seen people online laughing like that: “aaaaaaaaahahaha”. I always
    wondered how they sound when they laugh like that…Now I know…

  33. Dillon Qaphsiel says:

    My dog bites even if you just try to pet him. I don’t think you can fix
    that, we might have to put him down.

  34. Thestoneofdoom says:

    In the end, the type of training depends on the type of dog. My dog did not
    respond to positive training w/clickers. My dog responded to a prong collar
    with gentle punishment and praise. Yes, lots of people consider chokes and
    prongs abuse, but ANYTHING can become abuse when you don’t use it right.
    Thankfully my trainer told me how to use the prong safely and how to not
    use it. Those head collars and gentle leaders? Great, but they too can
    become abuse if you don’t use them correctly! It’s all about the user and
    how it’s used!

    And of course every dog will respond differently to different styles of
    training. :)

  35. 27kjh says:

    Ya I wish I could find a professional in my area that could really help me
    with lease aggression. 

  36. Dawn Ferguson says:

    I just got a Yorkie mix with poodle he is about 3 months old ..he likes to
    bit on everything its hard and close to impossible for my son who is 4 to
    pet or play with him….the dogs name is milo …do you have any advice
    thank you 

  37. craig listly says:

    i liked that toy definitely a must have

  38. kronoes368 says:

    Couldnt help but smile watching this XD

  39. Lil Zavala says:

    I think this is where Cesar Millan got the whole Eye Contact with Dogs

  40. XxMaritxX says:

    01:19 thats good

    at the end he was a good boy!

  41. Grace Sabella says:

    As a professional dog trainer who’s spent months rehabilitating a rescue
    dog obsessed with toys, let me just say that obsession and drive for a toy
    is NOT focus. It’s the opposite. If a dog is obsessing on a toy, they can’t
    focus on you. Teaching a dog who’s obsessed with toys to break their focus
    from the toy and put it on you is incredibly difficult.

    Building this kind of obsession is bad for your dog and bad for your
    relationship and future training. Using toys as a motivator is great an
    all, but be smart and keep it in moderation if you want any kind of quality
    and relaxed relationship with your dog in the future.

    Also, using food doesn’t automatically make you a positive reinforcement
    trainer. True progressive reinforcement and science-based trainers use
    force-free methods that exclude pinch collars, choke chains, and shock

  42. Roenazarrek says:

    1:03 Someone named their dog Cannibal O_O

  43. youretoostupid says:

    Damn, 0.20 the dog whimpers because Cesar kicks it. Bully. That is not how
    you train a dog if you want him to be a happy trusting dog. Also the other
    trainer who talks about getting the dog to trust you? He sticks the dog in
    a choke and the surrounding dogs are all in prong collars! Not good
    training. ‘Do what I want or I’ll hurt you.’ Damn you Cesar for encouraging
    these outdated and cruel training methods. Science disagrees with you and
    so do I.

  44. Ruth Shortwood says:

    I recommend reading more about how punishment affects an animal so that you
    all know what you are supporting. Remember that nothing is a truth just
    because it is told to be. Always stay critical and question even the most
    believing claims, even my claims. Please question me.

    As for myself, I’d never use punishment to an animal. I’ve been a big Cesar
    Millan addict earlier in life, though, so I know what thoughts goes around
    your head. Before you decide which pathway is the right one, do research on
    the different options. Keep in mind that even if you’re not using a certain
    method yourself, you might be unconsciously supporting it.

    The most obvious and believing things are often the things we need to
    question. Why? Because when something is obvious to us, it means we are
    already convinced. When we are too convinced, we turn blind and stop
    reflecting. It can be devastating. 

  45. Jamie penrith Taketheleaddogtraining says:

    I’m afraid i’m with NEO here … Kick delivered to chest at 20s .. Second
    kick chambered but edited at 23s .. Dog wearing more metal than Mr T ….
    Dog at the end is simply tired … Sorry “Calm ENERGY” …. 3:13 … “The
    most important part is your energy” …. Really?? … Then keep your feet
    on the ground and out of dogs guts. …. I’m not anti-correction in any way
    whatsoever – But kicking dogs?? Come one ….. We’re ALL beyond that ….

  46. Ac1DGoD says:

    I would think that if you wanted your dog to trust you at maximum trust
    capacity; you would take off its god dam leash.

  47. G'Maw's Garden says:

    I thought you weren’t suppose to play tug a war with an aggressive dog.

  48. gigi marciano says:

    i love that one toy that looks like a squirrel! my dog would go crazy for
    that thing!

  49. james S says:

    That trainer at the end, what a guy. He is very knowledgeable, and very
    very experienced. fantastic!

  50. mechwarreir2 says:

    lyrics : shhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sh shhhhh shhhhhhhhhhh sh

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