Dog training | How to wean the puppy from biting

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Filed under Puppy Training Video Greetings to all the visitors. When we make videos, we answer our own questions. They often mee… – Train Your Dog TV – Episode 1 – Biting – Eric Letendre, the Amazing Dog Training Man, covers the topic of dog and puppy bitin…
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25 Responses to “Dog training | How to wean the puppy from biting”
  1. Janzen Ampon says:

    hey eric i have a lab and he is so mouthy he plays tu but he does not
    respond to this please helppppp me ive tried the soft mouth technique at
    firt it worked but later on he just get worse please help meeeee!!!

  2. Tyler Brousseau says:

    Better than Ceaser Malon

  3. brenliew says:

    can i substitute the back tieing with a muzzle? for example he starts to
    get mouthy, he’ll get the muzzle and after it’s calm down i remove the
    muzzle. is it the same as using the back tie?

  4. Bishoy Ashak says:

    hi eric, ur doing a great job man but i have a question for u, how can i
    make my dog to stop shiting all over my backyard and make him do it in same
    area. thank u

  5. ceasey0xoogurl says:

    thanks for the tips! hope you do an episode on jumping!

  6. cc91801 says:

    Thank you!

  7. scottymcspockirk94 says:

    @leondevargas (cont of my last post) This worked for my dog really well,
    and he’s pretty stupid so it should work for yours:)

  8. pinkpeachz says:

    awesome stuff!

  9. Dakonic says:

    Thank you for posting this, most people are so quick to label something as
    misbehaving. I work at a shelter, and people often adopt puppies and bring
    them back because they are mouthy and energetic. Yet they will not adopt an
    adult or senior dog. As for biting outlets, we usually use Kongs, and raw
    knuckle bones. (the knuckle bones clean teeth too!), we also do bite/tug
    rewards in training sometimes.

  10. german rea says:


  11. leondevargas says:

    Hi Eric, I always love to hear your advices. Great job, mate. I would like
    to ask how can I teach my dog to take a treat slowly and not to snap after
    it. Thx a lot.

  12. LoadmasterMommy says:

    Thanks for your wisdom Eric! I have a question (problem?) about Biting. I
    know I brought my puppy home too early. He was just 6 wks 1 day, but the
    (backyard) breeder wanted the puppies gone, and I wanted this puppy so much
    that I agreed to take him early. He is 7 weeks old today. I have tried your
    advice about back-tie, but he doesn’t care. He just bites the leash
    merrily. Also, I have tried the bitter apple spray. He seems to like it. 🙁
    Is he too young to train? Help my hurting hands please!

  13. allaboutdog01 says:

    Hi Eric, you’re a nice dog trainer.. Thank you for your thoughts about dog
    behavior and why they’re biting. But, I just want to ask how do you train
    puppy to pee in a certain place, because my puppy just pee anywhere around
    my house… Thanks in advance!! You also have great videos..

  14. PedigreedPups says:

    Great video – I was wondering how you would suggest handling excessive
    nipping or biting when your puppy gets overexcited when you are outdoors
    and cant tie your dog to the door? Love the shorts but it looks like you
    had a bad experience with an overly aggressive dog right before you taped
    this video 🙂

  15. scottymcspockirk94 says:

    @leondevargas hold a treat in you hand with your fist closed. Close the
    closed hand with the treat up to the dog so he can smell. He’ll probably
    push at your fist or nibble a bit at your closed finger. Give him the
    command you want to you (wait, slow, ect..) and wait for him to stop
    fussing with your hand.When he stops say your release command (OK, get it,
    ect…) give him the treat. Keep doing this reretivtivly untill your dog
    and look at the treat on your open hand and not go after it

  16. andairwaves says:

    Thank youuu. The back tie trick helped almost instantly 🙂

  17. Hans021220 says:

    Great tape,Eric!Looking forward to your next tape!

  18. David Chong says:

    wow man it must be kool working with dogs and making living off of it.
    sounds like a rreally fun job. hard but fun

  19. Leah Villalobos says:

    you are awesome.

  20. de1dezire says:

    youre like awesome

  21. idontknowlo says:

    your dog is cute….. 🙂

  22. kevin mayo says:

    Martini’s so cute

  23. Wasly Castillo says:

    @eletendre1 he LOVES IT!!!!! its actually his favorite thing to do, but
    when we stop i cant get near him hes so excited he wants to mouth

  24. iori5354 says:

    Very informative vid mate!! Hope to see more future episodes

  25. Eric Letendre says:

    @TysonsRescue Does your pup like to play tug?

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