Dr Katrina Warren – Pet Health, Training and Tips!

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Dr Katrina Warren - Pet Health, Training and Tips!

Welcome to my channel; a combination of pet care information and pet training. Ill also teach you how to master dog tricks, and share tips on puppy developme…
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5 Responses to “Dr Katrina Warren – Pet Health, Training and Tips!”
  1. Sophia Sevastos says:

    Hello Dr Katrina 🙂 your awesome. I have a question for you whats the fast
    way to potty train a pet in a certain spot? 

  2. Mark Willis says:

    If you like clever puppies as much as I do you may like to have a look at
    Dr. Katrina’s new you Tube channel. Please feel free to share with your
    friends or subscribe even…

  3. Carla Luce says:


  4. Dr Katrina Warren says:
  5. Misty Avalon says:

    am I here?

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