Duck Hunting – Labrador Retriever Puppy

November 13, 2014 by  
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The 1st real Hunt of Dabbo my 10 months old Labrador puppy … i have high hopes from him he is already doing very well considering his age.
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Video Rating: 3 / 5


26 Responses to “Duck Hunting – Labrador Retriever Puppy”
  1. MrTheBoblola says:

    xoxoxoxoxoxo d d d d d dldllddldldddddddaaaaddddddadadadadadddaadd dad!

  2. abridgeduploader says:

    At least this dog doesn’t laugh at you when you miss a shot. Like others I
    could think of….

  3. mickey spikey says:

    Great job Ahmed! What’s your lab’s name? POst more hunting videos with him.

  4. fuck yu says:

    damn. that dog can move in the water.

  5. vancee3 says:

    hahah trance and labador retrieving thats whats up

  6. Ahmed Faraz says:

    It requires a lots of love, Care and training to get it to such a stage at
    a young age! Thanx for appreciating

  7. Ahmed Faraz says:

    Thanx for the appreciation dude! … Decoys do tend to pose a problem so
    you have to properly accustom a retriever to them … play retrieves in
    your yard with decoys (just a few) laying in the yard and encourage the dog
    to ignore them and focus on the retrieve. Also make him walk on heel
    through the decoys so that he knows they are off limits.

  8. Doglovr22 says:

    hes gonna be a great hunter when he grows up

  9. FetchinPups says:

    nice video

  10. Ahmed Faraz says:

    Thanx for the kind words dude! … About ur dog! … Every trait is
    perfected through training and encouragement reluctant swimmer can be made
    excellent ones with encouragement, praise and training try going in the
    water with your dog and play fetch in shallow waters gradually increasing
    the depths your pup will soon learn that water is fun to be in …
    eventually almost every Lab will love water…. TY and keep me posted.

  11. MyMichealjacksonfan says:

    Labs are fosho the best dogs we pheasant hunt with mine

  12. TrackStar828 says:

    This video really made me miss my old lab who passed away a few years ago.
    Reminded me of when I use to take her out to the blind with me, but now I
    got a new lab pup I am training.

  13. Walter Sjöblom says:

    we have a almost 4 months olds labrador puppy and next summer we are gonna
    teach it to hunt! that’s gonna be so great! 😀

  14. fedearmero says:


  15. FBDavis229 says:

    Should you get hunting male labs neutered or does it negatively affect

  16. Chase Dixon says:

    Good retrieves! Can’t beat a yellow lab! I have 14 month old and he just
    finished his first duck season. The decoys messed him up on his first
    couple ducks during day 1haha

  17. Authorityk says:

    GOOD BOY!!! I have been working extensively the last few months with my
    chocolate lab. I only had him observe this season to see if he was good
    with gun shots and swimming. Good news… Gun shots don’t bother him but he
    did get a little spooked when he jumped out of the boat while I was picking
    up decoys. BUT, he can swim 😉 Very cool dog Ahmed. Just as cool as that
    place you were. Where was that?

  18. authenticpoppy says:

    @steviezxr – I know very little about hunting and even I know this is a
    stupid statement. Yes, it’s true some of them fetch *everything* from the
    water. That’s part of what the training is about. They need to know what
    they are supposed to fetch and ignore everything else. Untrained, they
    leave bitemarks on the fetch. A well-trained retriever won’t do that.

  19. Ahmed Faraz says:

    @authenticpoppy – Yes hes doing great hes almost 3 now and handling long
    blinds and multiple falls effortlesly — he is super steady now and im
    having all the fun shooting ducks over him!

  20. Justin Menefee says:

    i have an 5 month old black lab named jade and she has been getting ducks
    for 3 or 4 weeks now and we didn’t know if we should hunt her untill she
    was older so we took her out one day duck hunting and got every duck.

  21. steviezxr says:

    suprised you needed to train you dog, all labs main natural instict is to
    retrive from water. they are a water dog, and they are ‘retreivers’. My lab
    puppy has fetched things from water with no training from the day of his
    1st walk. you don’t need to ‘train’ anything into them.

  22. authenticpoppy says:

    Beautiful dog! Hope Dabbo is still doing well in the hunt. 🙂

  23. KatieAnd5a5ah says:

    My female tries to “bodycheck” me into water when we are near it, and it
    spooks me as i just let HER swim…they are very good dogs. Mine will never
    go hunting like your BOYy! Mine will eventually have me swimming though,
    just a matter of time until she trains me.

  24. nismoracer15 says:

    techno music for labs retrieving? Are you serious?

  25. mdsr2002 says:

    good dog

  26. decastrojosefina says:

    Why didn’t you just state that this was a promo video??

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