Duck Retriever – Dog Training

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From puppy to triple master certified, Jimmy Rodgers knows retriever training. Come with us to Mallard Run Kennels in southern Kentucky.
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15 Responses to “Duck Retriever – Dog Training”
  1. stevo007miami says:

    I got my dog doing most of this in a day or so. my next thing is the part
    where they run out blow whistle and they stop then show him where to go
    from there that’s great

  2. TheTwoBlueSparkles says:

    do u train black lab gremanshepherd mix

  3. John Lames says:

    Do you have classes we can take or a website about it

  4. Brandon Harris says:

    I’ve been using this video ALOT in training my retriever. Thank you so much
    for doing putting this together! Does this guy have any other videos?

  5. Inam Rehman says:

    I like it, love this training how they learn and help us.

  6. Zack Golden says:

    which do you prefer for hunting male or female labs

  7. Tom Holt says:

    great stuff

  8. Angelo Gonzalez says:

    wow, that amazing

  9. Ry Dawg says:

    Do you guys recommend force fetching? I was reading Milner’s book and he is
    not in favor of it. I have a seven month old yellow male and want to make
    sure I’m training him properly.

  10. MissSkeeterRetriever says:

    I like your fun bumpers, keeping the dog happy. Good dog!

  11. MissSkeeterRetriever says:

    Milner’s Retriever Training For The Duck Hunter has an entire chapter on
    force fetching…he was definitely in favor of it when that book was
    publihsed in 1997

  12. MrStryperfan says:

    when is it to late to train your dog?to hunt

  13. Snust9 says:

    fantastic dogs! Thanks for video )

  14. Yarik Andersson says:

    nice info/click -like-

  15. Erica lastnema says:

    I got mine at 8 months old. NO training was in a crate for the first 8
    months of his life. Lots of work, lots of on leash work and obedience. He
    is a West highland white terrier mixed with shitzhu and Jack Russel. he is
    NOT the average “bird” dog, but he loves it. Awesome on land, Just started
    introducing him to water. took to it like a fish. As long as he/she is
    enjoy it then i dont see an age limit. Maybe have to spend more time on
    somethings. Hope this helps! 🙂 what breed of dog?

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