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25 Responses to “Everything YOU NEED to KNOW to TEACH your DOG a PERFECT FETCH!”
  1. Sarah Anderson says:

    Whatever you do, don’t ever play fetch with your dog with a stick!! I know
    that Lafitte was chewing and playing with the stick for a little bit in the
    video, but playing with sticks is incredibly dangerous for your dog. They
    can get splinters in their mouth or esophagus, or they could get stabbed in
    the throat if they try to catch the stick (happened to a friend of mine’s

  2. Joe says:

    It looks so easy. But its not. Ive been using zaks method for 4 months with
    my now 1 year old dog and he knows how to play tug, however he loses
    interest. He loves to chase but not chase me. He will bring something back
    inside, then lay down and keep it, hell bring something back outside after
    a few laps around the yard, even if i throw it short distances. Idk what he
    learned before i got him at 8 months old, but its discouraging to say the

  3. Captain Starlight says:

    My dog doesn’t play much, I want her to play fetch but she won’t even put
    her mouth round ANYTHING except a treat. How do you get her to even start
    the tug of war?

    Also she doesn’t walk after a ball either,,,,she didn’t’ have much of a
    puppy hood as she had puppies on the street when she was not quite a year…
    I don’t know much about her background apart of that. 

  4. Sarah Anderson says:

    I got lucky with my dog, he knew how to fetch when I got him, the only part
    I had to work on was teaching a let go, but that was super easy.
    In fact, whenever people ask me why I picked him, I just say that it was
    “love at first fetch”. I really wanted a playful, friendly, outgoing dog,
    and when I was volunteering at the animal shelter I took him out for some
    exercise and discovered his love of balls. I fell for him the moment he
    chased the first ball… 🙂
    In his personal opinion, tennis balls should be renamed to “yellow, fuzzy
    orbs of happiness”

  5. José David Tafur says:

    Baco’s fetch gets better everyday and this is absolutely true, he behaves
    much better now. Thanks for these videos!! I want to take it to the next
    level and I’m starting to work with the frisbee… He loves it!! His new
    think these days is eating some christmas tree ornaments though!!

  6. FireKitten87 says:

    Hey Zak! I hope you can find time to answer this. What do you recommend for
    indoor activities? I take my dog out for runs and that seems to wear her
    out but there is some bad weather coming in and I dont think outside
    activities will be a good idea. Also, any winter doggy maintenance advice?

  7. Fair Horsemanship says:

    I love how you suggest improved management (more play time) in order to
    resolve issues, addressing the problem not the symptom. :)

  8. Bambi Jones says:

    My dog China is an extremely smart dog, she is the smartest dog I have had.
    She is almost a year old and knows how to sit, lay down, roll over, walk on
    a leash at my side and even get in her kennel when I tell her too. But she
    doesn’t care for toys. I’ve tried many toys to get her interested in
    playing with me but she doesn’t care. She would rather learn commands than
    play. I don’t know why. (China was dropped off at my grandmothers house
    with her brother and I took them both in, so I don’t know her background
    she was only about 3 months old when she was dropped off.)

  9. Enderdragon Slayer61 says:

    I learned so much from you like my puppy used to bite and know he doesn’t
    at all my puppy’s name is Cleo but he’s 2 years old I’m not sure if he’s
    confirmed a puppy but I think he still a puppy

  10. Tauvia Siemens says:

    I got lucky. My dog immediately took to fetch without any training
    whatsoever. This is actually kind of odd, because all the research I found
    when I was first considering adopting my pooch said that his breed (Korean
    Jindo dog) was not a good candidate for fetch and tug of war should be a
    forbidden sport because they like to grab on and not let go. I play both
    fetch and tug with my boy and have had no problems like the research said I
    would. Of course, he’s also a mixed breed (with what, I don’t know) so
    that could be part of it… Anyway, we’ve gotten to the point where Loki
    is finally grasping object differentiation. If I ask “go get ball” or “go
    get squeaker”, he brings me the appropriate toy. We’re slowly expanding
    the vocabulary!

  11. Kaye Laggui says:

    i have a puppy that is 5 months old its a pommeranian andhe knows how to
    stay come and ignore! next is fetching! tnx for the videos zak!

  12. Matthew Howe says:

    I just had the best game of fetch with my new pup Captain. He was dropping
    the ball on command. Your videos have made it all possible thanks to the
    commands leave it ( I say Drop), No or Eh!, Get it, and Yes! Also it really
    helps how you showed getting the dog interested in the toy.

    Before your video’s, I was definitely getting frustrated at times but you
    have helped me learn to be patient and understand what is going on in the
    dogs head. Our relationship is so much better within a week or two.

  13. MrMitchay says:

    My puppy brings the toy close to me, but wont give it up. she tries to play
    keep away with the toy instead, how can I fix this, if I try to get close
    to her to teach her or get her to chase me she just runs away instead.

  14. Charlie Sauter-Hunsberger says:

    I always appreciate when you include info on how long it can take to train
    the dog, since you’re videos make it look so easy! Keep up the great work!

  15. Charlie Smith says:

    I have a 9 month old lab staffy mix, she will occasionally chase the toy
    when thrown but will then lie down and chew it and also with the tip for
    playing tug, well as soon as I put my hand near the toy in her mouth she
    lets go and even if she holds it, she wont tug. please are you able to

  16. reem alomran says:

    Such a great video, you helped me so much in discovering my own mistakes
    with my dog !
    you are a pro Zak

  17. cecesugar says:

    i taught my 2 puppies to fetch but i am having trouble making them take
    turns. is it possible lol???

    i can get them to sit while the other one gets the ball most of the time,
    but sometimes they will both run and then fight over it, or one will block
    the other from bringing it back to me.

  18. lisa stockley says:


  19. Abbey Ibsen says:

    I wish you could come train my puppy

  20. Ciara Hellewell says:

    I have 2 dogs, my 8 month old puppy plays fetch perfectly, but my 1 and a
    half year-old blue healer/lab mix will not bring any toys back. I was
    looking forward to this video for my puppy, but since it’s about fetch it
    is actually the perfect video for my other dog! I hope this video will help
    him learn fetch. The weird thing is, my puppy is the one we have
    destruction problems with, even though we play fetch with her often. She
    destroys beds, blankets, and has recently started chewing on the walls at
    night when we’re asleep, even though I know she is really tired. Is there
    anyway to train her to stop destroying things even after she’s tired? Is it
    a puppy thing she will hopeful stop doing as she gets older?

    My other dog, the one that won’t play fetch has very high energy, (probably
    an 8 or 9 on a scale of 1-10) and since he won’t play fetch it’s hard to
    tire him out, but he doesn’t ever chew or destroy things unless we give him
    permission to. 

  21. John Fleshman says:

    My girl has only destroyed one work hat and that was shortly after I
    adopted her a year ago. I was stern and kinda semi yelled at her. No
    spanking or hitting of any sort. then took her for a walk. she has not
    trashed anything since.

  22. David Wijaya says:

    Can you help me, my dog is aggressive, she likes to bite me when i touch
    her armshe likes to get angry often, and she wont listen to me, can you
    help me by making a video about aggressive dog that dont want to be
    touched. Its gonna help a lot of people out there, thank you.

  23. Diane Jarecki says:

    Thank you, Zach, I now know why my older dog doesn’t play fetch well and
    how to fix this with all of my dogs! 

  24. Joe Diamond says:

    My dog Nelly ( similar to the border collie in “who let the dog’s out” 😛 )
    is more than happy to play tug and let go but she just won’t chase me back
    to where i throw it. Still working on it but she’s having a bit of trouble
    with the idea. 

  25. Ameya Krishnamoorthy says:

    Thank you so much! I started using this method to teach my 7 month old
    boxer fetch and he loves it. Not only has it given him a great outlet to
    release all of that puppy energy, it has, also, strengthened the bond we
    share. Thank you so much!

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