Fast And Esay Professional Online Dog Trainer 2. Puppy Aggressive Behavior Advice & Toilet Obedience

May 16, 2014 by  
Filed under Puppy Training Video It is always important to learn from the people that has been doing things themselves. So the creator of Fast and Easy Dog Training.
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25 Responses to “Fast And Esay Professional Online Dog Trainer 2. Puppy Aggressive Behavior Advice & Toilet Obedience”
  1. Young C says:

    I’m sorry, I thought you were a boy at first. You’re a young lady. Thank
    you for the tips 🙂 . You’re an awesome female :D

  2. Andrea Kutzko says:

    On point, great video!

  3. xxxaudiophilexxx says:

    When my dog is idle and i reward him, he goes beserk and wants to play
    thereafter, and never stops.
    If my dog doesnt get that 1 full bowl of food at a time, he keeps barking
    till he gets it all.

  4. Molly2471 says:

    I like the tardis in the background.

  5. Erik D says:

    @3LostDogs It’s okay, we all do. It’s part of the creative process. Have I
    asked you if you’re going to VidCon?

  6. mashdarr says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  7. 3LostDogs says:

    @puppyshade I’m more a fan of the new one, but I do like the classic
    series. And yes, I’m American. Doctor Who isn’t a mainstream thing in the
    US like it is in Britain… it’s more of a cult hit. But there are still
    lots of obsessive American Doctor Who fans. Is that kind of how it is in
    Ireland, too? I’ve heard quite a few people say that they think they’re the
    only Irish Doctor Who fan in existence. 🙂

  8. Jennifer Yara says:

    Because she’s always waking me up in the morning and I’m sooo frustrated
    about it…I tell mom to do something about it but she just says, “What do
    you want me to do???…She’s naturally hyper there’s nothing I can do about
    it…I’m sooo sick of iit and I wish she could give her away but she can’t
    cause our male dog’s already used to her…PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!’

  9. 3LostDogs says:

    2-3 training sessions a day, 5-15 minutes each is good. Of course,
    sometimes I’m lazy and my poor border collie only gets 2 or 3 sessions a
    week. 🙂 An hour of intense exercise is good for most dogs, as long as they
    also get some kind of “brain exercise” like training or playing with food
    puzzle toys. The younger they are, the more training/exercise/attention
    they need. My BC Merlin is almost six now, and while he still enjoys hours
    of work per day, he doesn’t NEED it like a young dog would.

  10. MrAgs1212 says:

    U are my hero!!!! 😀 haha thanks u

  11. musicofnote1 says:

    Very, very good practical suggestions. I’d love to translate the first 3
    minutes or so into German for some of my clients!

  12. AdimusDogServices says:

    You could also teach your dog to settle when being ignored, this is
    especially good for when you have guests over and you’re all enthralled in
    Dr Who amazingness 🙂 or just having a chat and don’t want your dogs
    barking or climbing on your guests. Everything else you’ve mentioned is
    great, though.

  13. 3LostDogs says:

    Thanks! You’re right – any tool that restricts movement comes with some
    risk. You don’t want to rely on them for too long. They’re only there as a
    safety net while you actively train your dog to do what you want.

  14. 3LostDogs says:

    What’s your situation? Keep in mind that there’s a lot more free stuff
    linked in the video description.

  15. 3LostDogs says:

    @erikandfox I’m trying to. I should know for sure in a couple weeks. Are
    you going?

  16. TheRachaelann says:

    great video better than the other videos of other so-called dog trainers.
    your also entertaining.

  17. Jason Velez says:

    Just the fact you reply is awesome. Ill try some of your tricks on my
    Eskimo. Relaxing hardly happens. Lol.

  18. PunkyPug89 says:

    Your video is great. One thing I’d like to add; the front clip harness, it
    CAN indeed cause damage to your dog. I’ve seen some shoulder injuries from
    constant pressure being applied to the chest/shoulder area. Instead of
    using such tools, redirect the dog’s attention. Make YOU more enjoyable
    than what he’s pulling to.

  19. sandy356 says:

    I have a daushchun or spelled something like dat lol and a german shepard
    pupp so here is my problem my lil one was an indoor dog n the shepard is
    just too big too keep inside and so the lil one has been staying outside to
    teach da shepard to bark n pretty much guard the house while we r gone BUT
    my shepard has for some odd reason gone out of control hes suddenly very
    aggressive even w his lil pal i can no longer keep my lil dog outside. Why
    is this happening?

  20. Erik D says:

    @3LostDogs I am indeed. You should hurry because I hear the host hotel is
    sold out…

  21. songangel20 says:

    Omg was that a TARDIS piñata?! Awesome:)

  22. 3LostDogs says:


  23. superfeedbacker says:

    good tips! thanks!

  24. Luis Torresclemente says:

    Good video hopefully this helps with my 10 week old Husky. She’s getting
    bold with everyone but me and my father. If she knows my mom or sister are
    home she goes on tantrums tears things up runs around the house and what no
    but if me or my dad are home she’s a lot calmer but because of how she acts
    with my mom and sister she’s getting bolder with me and my dad

  25. puppyshade says:

    @3LostDogs yes but have you seen the classic series ? you know the old ones
    … jelly babbies ^.^ … are you american ? because I didn’t know that
    americans even knew about doctor who! … i’m irish though so you could
    have said the same for me hehe

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