German Shepherd Puppy Obedience Training

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For more information visit us at Big with powerful head, and heavy bones! Black and tan with highly desirable reddish markings. Excellent…

Congratulations to Shirly on her purchase of this wonderful puppy! El Perro de Atlawor -(Born Dec. 21, 2008) 3 month old Belgian Malinois Puppy Obedience wor…
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7 Responses to “German Shepherd Puppy Obedience Training”
  1. stuart182 says:

    I have four cats, they have lived with a smaller dog before. Will a
    Malinois puppy integrate well?

  2. Hundeschulungszentrum H.M.B says:

    very nice work

  3. Jorge Hernandez says:

    no te obedece posiblemente porque no le das ninguna orden clara, solo se
    escuchan chillidos (del entrenador)

  4. verlandert says:

    in english? I’m sorry

  5. verlandert says:

    Thank you checkinaandzack… this puppy was doing phenomenal. He is great
    with sits and downs and plays very well. All puppys get distracted,
    especially when they find their own “prize” all by them selves- they have
    to do their victory lap… lol.. or two. He eventually comes back and is
    praised for playing with a new toy, then redirected back on to what I want
    to play with. He is now 9-10months old and a great agility prospect. He is
    an awesome dog

  6. Redbull357 says:

    he said that the dog is not obeying you because you do not give it a clear
    command… that you are just baby talking and squeeling at it. I don’t
    think he can understand that you are also playing with it. Language barrier

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