Golden retrievers- Obedience training

October 10, 2014 by  
Filed under Puppy Training Video – Two five month old golden retriever puppies do on leash obedience training.


21 Responses to “Golden retrievers- Obedience training”
  1. haftaski says:

    they are never too young to start. When I got my Golden pup at 8 1/2 weeks,
    she was already clicker trained to sit!

  2. abcgoldens says:

    Perfect. Don here from abc goldens. 5 plus stars…

  3. marisaogris says:

    I am also trying to train my 5months old golden Luna to be an obedient dog.
    I am really curious, how do you manage to get dogs attention up to the
    point that they constantly look at you and wait for the comand? I would
    appriciate any tip! Thanks 🙂

  4. Mermoor says:

    My rottie could sit 80% of the time when he was six weeks old, its never
    too early.

  5. Ty Brown says:

    5 months at the shooting of this video

  6. wercia55509 says:

    is this clicker training? you should try it, its using positive
    reinforcements. there are lots of channels on it.

  7. marija1971 says:

    my 6mo girl will do anything for a treat! even pick up trash off the floor
    and bring it to me (we have a little problem with “leave it” ;)) and after
    I throw it on the floor (if no waist bin around) – she’ll pick it rigt back
    and excpect a cookie again. .. now that I wrote this down, it sounds
    perfectly logical ;))))))) but she won’t heel yet ;(((( unless she’s dead
    tired from chasing dogs and birds all day long 😉

  8. haftaski says:

    Nothing wrong with using treats as lures to teadh the pup the behavior.
    After they learn the behavior, it become a reward, not a *bribe.* Then, as
    they become better at the behavior, teh treats are staggered (not given
    every time), but given once ina while for reinforcement – keep the dog
    guessing. Eventually, the treats cna be faded – but soem sort of reward
    (even if it is jsut a good girl) is in order.

  9. abcgoldens says:

    great job!

  10. Plvt505 says:

    Very cute!! But you should have fixed the mistakes like the dog crawling
    after you told it down. I like that you are not using treats or bribes

  11. sebastianbf says:

    amazing. how old are they?

  12. Amber Mayes Walker says:

    this is very good. i use to use treats when I started with my golden now
    its kinda so so but if i use them she gets over excited and when she does
    her comands its too rushed and she then trys goin for the treats so I
    prefer not to use treats she listens much better. but I love how well yours
    are listening 🙂

  13. racr249 says:

    iam getting a golden retriever this month

  14. djojo1972 says:

    HELPPPP… my 11 week old golden seems like she doesn’t want to do anything
    i tell her to do…i know its been only 6 days since i got her but I’ve
    been trying to train her ever since…just simple stuff like “sit” or
    “stay”, she won’t even respond to her own name…and i can’t seem to potty
    train her…any advice??

  15. explosivin says:

    How old they must be to start the obedience training? Mine has 4 months.

  16. s3xypinkkisses2 says:

    @amber790 I was having that problem to, but my trainer taught me how to
    teach him patiences by putting some treats in your hand, make a fist and
    put it at his level(he will try everything to get it) but wait till he
    calms down and takes a step back and then open ur hand and say ok, then
    after he gets quick at that put abunch of treats in ur palm and put it at
    his level and say “wait” and everytime he trys to eat it quickly close your
    hand and lift it out of his reach, he will catch on

  17. AmberFaithChloe says:

    Very good! The important thing is that they are enjoying it… My dog hates
    OB! Half of it is my fault for not making it fun.

  18. CHloE748 says:

    watch my vid of my golden retriever puppy and my chiuhauha play! plz comit

  19. abcgoldens says:

    This guy makes it fun!

  20. Shining4Jesus says:

    Wow thats great training to at once. Thats pretty amazing

  21. firechill says:

    this is pretty good. i hope they do this out of respect for you and that
    you don’t use treats to bribe them.

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