Guide Dog Puppy in Training-San Francisco Part 1

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Guide Dog Puppy in Training-San Francisco Part 1

Guide Dog puppy Newport travels to SFSU for the weekend.
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To train a Chihuahua, avoid using harsh choke collars that could damage their sensitive trachea, and avoid petting them when they jump up. Praise a Chihuahua…
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23 Responses to “Guide Dog Puppy in Training-San Francisco Part 1”
  1. omilkhouseo says:

    the dog lookes like his owner

  2. onlycookiesforme says:

    I don’t think that is a chihuahua.

  3. pinki825 says:

    Put how do u pick em up

  4. ChickenBot42769 says:

    He’s a HUGE chihuahua!!!

  5. bob wood says:

    thank you this really did help

  6. junioryoung8124 says:

    mine bit hers off…

  7. missspillz says:

    Wow short and so good thanks!!

  8. MissBieberFeverr7 says:

    That’s not a chihuahua.

  9. Millie Meyer says:

    This is a big Chihuahua. I like smaller teacop.

  10. thehamsterlover100 says:

    My minature chihuahua hates the leash how do u make her to walk with the leash on she just sit there with a sad face

  11. bob wood says:

    thank im getting a chhuahua in 2 weeks and i need to know how to take care of him 🙂

  12. Ronny Søberg says:

    Your dogs don’t run up to strangers or into traffic or anything? The main reason I use a leash is that i know a LOT of people are afraid of dogs, and I do not want my dog to run up to strangers and slobber all over them and stuff. My dog (staffordshire bull terrier) can be somewhat intimidating to some people even if she is extremely good natured. I don’t want to make people uneasy, so I use a leash. Also, it’s illegal not to use leashes where I live (Norway).

  13. ligyro says:

    i’m not so sure about your ability to train your dog when you have him on a leash. i’ve owned several dogs and i’ve never owned a leash. when we go for a walk they just follow me. i never taught them that. if they wander off i just call them.

    if you dog has the tendency to run away when he goes outside without a leash, he is probably unhappy and feels restricted and has no freedom. treat your dog with respect and you’ll get respect back

  14. samygwin9 says:

    yes i do but i do not treat it like that

  15. vicjfan says:

    i get it

  16. mangaluli x says:

    its not a chihuahua…. lol

  17. 362chop says:

    He didn’t knock him over he is doing the right thing the right way,i would ssy thst’s more of a gentle nudge…agree?I like the way this guy trains

  18. lena tran says:


  19. KECNYC says:

    Why does he have a collar on this dog when he’s aware of this breed’s potential trachea problems? Chi owners, get a harness – my dog loves hers, much more comfortable, too.

  20. KECNYC says:

    Don’t get a collar for your Chihuahua, get a harness. It’s much better for their trachea – surprised this trainer didn’t make the recommendation. As for getting a name engraved on a harness/collar, I’m not sure. Google “Drs. Fosters and Smith” and I’m sure that site might be of help. Good luck.

  21. lena tran says:

    what kind of collar should i but and where do i buy one with its name on it

  22. xxjeadyxx says:

    isnt that being a bit rough with a small dog

  23. roguewaw12 says:

    thx for the tips but now I have another problem,,,, my chihuahua bites when playing and stuff eventhough she’s almost one years old

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