HND Media: Dogs For Disabled: puppy training guide: Down

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HND Media: Dogs For Disabled: puppy training guide: Down

HND students were approached by the DFD to produce a video that would assist their volunteers in the training of the puppies in basic commands. Working on th…

This video is dedicated to my puppy Dave. These pictures are from the year that we spent with him. Dave is from the Guide Dog Foundation in Long Island, NY. …
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25 Responses to “HND Media: Dogs For Disabled: puppy training guide: Down”
  1. kkoda23 says:

    Thank-you! and no problem- you can use anything you need. Are you making
    the video for youtube?

  2. gatitoroulette15 says:

    Wow.. I so wish I could raise one but I know I can’t I wouldn’t be able to
    let go… I have such hard times letting go… I would probably cry for two
    weeks… Yes men cry!

  3. kkoda23 says:

    Thanks for the comment! It is kind of lonley without him, but someone needs
    him more than I do! Good Luck with you new pup! WOW number 6! Great job
    raising all of thoes puppies!

  4. KSDSPR says:

    What a great video! He’s a handsome pup.

  5. thegh0ST505 says:


  6. eyzwideshut says:

    Beats a cane! Not sure what “total” success would be, but it works for me.
    I am not totally blind, but enough to make going out in public a nightmare
    – with Mindy, it is now tolerable (usually), and if I have a bad day, it is
    not because of her, but ignorant people who go out of their way to tell me
    that dogs aren’t allowed in their store or those who pet her when I am in a
    line-up etc. and I wonder why she has stopped. I wish people would ignore
    us, I am just trying to get my shopping done!

  7. kkoda23 says:

    hes not gone just yet, but thanks so much katie! just found out today we
    will have him until september! too many dogs at the foundation right now!

  8. ilovebestwishes says:

    omg im doing this from the same place. my puppy is midnight, shes a black
    lab. shes 15 weeks right now. its been such a great experience so far. its
    gunna be awful to give her up, but she has a bright future. i dont wanna
    hold her back.

  9. Msantie29 says:

    I am dreading saying goodbye to my guide dog in training, but it is
    something I have to always be prepared for. This has prepared me for the
    sadness, pride and happiness I will have to face..all very varied mixed
    emotions. Thankyou for posting this beautiful tribute. I know thanks to
    you, Dave has gone on to be someones friend, companion, eyes and miracle.

  10. jjsepmorgan says:

    very cool!! I raise pupies for TSE I am going for my puppies town walk
    december 8th i cant wait!!

  11. Lena Rose says:

    he is soooo cute you should be happy to have such a wonderful dog!

  12. Tomaso Moro says:

    Love! Only Love!

  13. kkoda23 says:

    thanks so much for the comment. Aw, nolte is retired? He’s such a cute boy.
    Thats great that you have also raised puppies for guiding eyes! wow. Will
    you keep nolte, and are you getting another guide dog soon? thanks again
    for the comment. I think I am going to trya and raise another puppy in the
    spring 🙂

  14. ebonyruffles says:

    Bless you for doing what you do! Someone’s life will depend on this dog.
    You should be proud of yourself!

  15. gdbpupraiser says:

    He’s a very handsome boy. Good job on raising him!

  16. kkoda23 says:

    Some people are just totally ignorant to the law. Its really not fair, and
    they have no heart if they tell you you’re not allowed in their store.
    Recently, a guy took restaurant owners to court because they denied him and
    his working guide dog entry. And yeah, there’s really no way to get rid of
    thoes people that don’t know not to pet a working guide dog unless they ask.

  17. EightPaws4Hoof says:

    Aww you did a good thing! Congrats!

  18. BrittyBees says:

    How did I not see this!? I love DahVeed <3 I miss you too, Kris!

  19. Melly E says:

    Tears in my eyes. I am a puppy career in Victoria Australia. I have just
    had my first dog back as he failed because of an illness. However I hae
    another pup as well to care for. It is hard to give them back but then you
    realise why we do it.

  20. jumpthemoon525 says:

    Nice video! Good luck to Dave when he returns for formal training, I’m sure
    he will do awesome! 😀

  21. kkoda23 says:

    Yes, Dave is my first pup. Thanks so much for the comment. Good luck to
    Luna when she returns also. Wow! shes your 5th! Great job on raising all of
    thoes pups. People like you are the ones I look up to! Yes, you are right.
    All I want for Dave is that he returns to GDF and becomes a guide! how many
    of your passed?

  22. jaijoedougwatt says:

    Great job raising Dave! Thanks for sending me this.

  23. fendifoofoo says:

    Thank you. I raise puppies for The Royal New Zealand Foundation For the
    Blind. You?

  24. kkoda23 says:

    hey!!! no problem and I’d be glad to help, you can use whatever you need.
    and goodluck!! Let me know when its finished!!

  25. kkoda23 says:

    No problem!! I love your videos! I have heard about Fidelco, the place
    seems great! I love the idea of german shepherds as guides. We current;y
    only use goldens, and labs. I have allways wanted to know, but how is your
    experience and what is it like to have a guide? total success or just a

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