How to Crate Train your Puppy The First Step in Potty Training

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How to Crate Train your Puppy The First Step in Potty Training

Please Subscribe Back to 2013 Countdown Crate Training is a very fast and effectve way to start the procss of potty…
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25 Responses to “How to Crate Train your Puppy The First Step in Potty Training”
  1. Gone to the Snow Dogs says:
  2. Philosjutsu says:

    Thanks! Lots of help! =D

  3. Patrick Smiley says:

    Ok I’m about to get a 8 week old pitbull puppy are they hard to train I
    have a small dog and she didn’t want anything to do with a crate but I need
    the new puppy to be crate trained please help!!

  4. Brandon Still says:

    I’ve noticed that there are no toys in the crate. I’ve put a pillow and dog
    toys in our crate. Is that a problem ? Thanks 

  5. Uyen Tran says:

    I’am getting a hound/pit mix male puppy and im super excited but also
    scared! Its 8 weeks old, should I start crate training him now? Should I
    let him sleep with me a couple nights? The longest my puppy would be alone
    is 2-3 hours, do I let him stay in the crate for the whole time? and w/ the
    door open or closed? Please help lol :(

  6. Madison R says:

    methose is so cute you helped soooooooooooooon

  7. The Glass says:

    This video is really good with explaining how to crate your puppy. I’m
    getting a six week old puppy today and I am in charge of crate/ potty
    training him. -_-

    I love this video and will request that my family watches it too. Thanks!

  8. Shane LeGrand says:

    My huskie wines when he is in the crate he will wine most of the time he
    has to use the bathroom but sometimes he just wants to go outside and play

  9. Tim Warren says:

    Good One…

  10. Roach BJJ says:

    All I ever hear is don’t get a husky as your 1st dog and how bad they are
    to train.

    I just got a husky and she is my 1st dog… Ever.

    I watched a few of your videos and read up on crate training and potty
    training her.

    She’s 6 weeks old, she was rejected by her mum, I’ve so far got her on dry
    food, she eliminates out side, goes in her crate when told to go bed, sits,
    gives paw and sits and waits for her food.

    If I was to tell any one who wants a husky, don’t listen to the craps
    people put on them there lovely dogs!

    Thanks for your videos. 

  11. Shari Key says:

    I can’t wait to get my puppy. He will be 9weeks when I bring him home on
    Oct 24 :)

  12. roberto maldonado says:

    Hey i have a question. When my dog goes outside he pees on EVERYTHING!
    There’s another dog that lives upstairs and he just fallows him around and
    pees on everything that the other dog pees on. as if he saying that its all
    How do you think i can correct this behavior ?

  13. HighConCannibal says:

    Thank you so much for this <3 I just got an 8 weeks old sammy 3 days ago.
    Is it too early to crate train? Does he need to trust me a bit first?

  14. Minecraftplayer201 says:

    Where do u get all the dog supplies?

  15. chocolateandbooks says:

    Mo did well with the crate last night. We had done everything you said
    except for the cover on top. We had heard some dogs get upset because they
    can’t see. We also play soft music and have a small light on so she can
    see. Until last night, she was having trouble, but last night she settled
    down :). 

  16. Rohima Afroz says:

    Oh hey! Have you tried – Carwyn Turbo Potty Training (just google it)? Ive
    heard some pretty good things about it and my sister got amazing results
    with it. 

  17. Elizabeth Ethridge says:

    my puppy was horrible in a crate he would shove the plastic all the way out
    and he just would NOT stop wining if I put him in it to go to bed 

  18. Peter Flockelino says:

    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover what is best way to house
    train a puppy try Alkarno Puppy Alchemist (just google it ) ? Ive heard
    some amazing things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  19. MrCubix005 says:

    +Gone to the Snow Dogs I need to talk to you privately concerning about my
    puppy. I would really appreciate it! Thanks! 

  20. Jason Rodriguez says:

    Very helpful

  21. Sisi says:

    How about the leash

  22. Jacob Hickle says:

    Memphis is SO CUTE

  23. Jose Rivera says:

    It that a new puppy

  24. Sandra Viruet says:

    lol she was so tiny compared to what she is now

  25. Jack Glantz says:

    When you mean take them out what does that mean. Will huskeys get really
    bored if you leave them in a crate. Is it okay

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