How to get my dog to stop barking in her[his] cage

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How to get my dog to stop barking in his cage? Click link for answer now……
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25 Responses to “How to get my dog to stop barking in her[his] cage”
  1. ronald tressler says:

    How to get my dog to stop barking in his cage
    What you are experiencing is that your dog is wrecking havoc on your ears
    by barking all the time and you are scratching your head about what could
    be the answer about the question of how to get my dog to stop barking in
    his cage. Your thinking is that you simply want to fix this bad behavior
    ASAP. By clicking the link above you’ll learn precisely how to get my dog
    to stop barking in his cage and also understand the reasons for this issue.

  2. Easy Dog Training Solutions says:
  3. BlueSulphur says:

    Once they learn stuff do you still use a target stick or do they not need
    it then

  4. Michelle Cryderman says:

    I have a Jardine too!!! He flies and lands on my head and then bites me
    when I try to get him off. Should I clip his wings?

  5. Adam Zoebi says:

    My bird is untamed what should I do?

  6. stephen Lewsey says:

    This work for me as soon as did it and bird went in and out cage as soon as
    I did this it really works just can’t get my bird to stay on traning
    perches with out flying to me so can’t do training for tricks and stuff any
    help would be good all your videos are so grat meny thanks

  7. Mohanned Walid says:

    How do i make the stick the parrots target?

  8. Jonny Rouleau says:

    worked like magic

  9. Amanda Woodhouse says:

    i have a ringneck that i just got on saturday i was putting a toy into his
    cage and he got out but now he wont go bk in ive been trying everything to
    get him bk in but he keep flying away from me when i get by him what do i
    do please can someone help me the lady i got him from said he was semi tame
    but he scared everytime i go to his cage what do i do please help me asap

  10. SkateGameDone says:

    what parrot is this
    can you answer as a reply

  11. Michelle Cryderman says:

    What should I avoid doing with him? (places I should avoid touching
    ect.) He tries to feed me and then it leads to trying to mate with me. He
    has been nippy and we think it may be hormones. I also think he might be
    jealous of my boyfriend (who would also like to hold him)

  12. Kinsey Rill says:

    1:40 lol derpdy derp

  13. Nafisa Tasneem says:

    why dosent the parrot fly away?

  14. Sean Avilla says:

    I think I’m going to lure him back

  15. Sean Avilla says:

    He is hand trained but he wont step up on my finger

  16. Sean Avilla says:

    Now i dont know how to put my bird in the cage

  17. Sean Avilla says:

    I hold a millet and put it near my bird then i put the millet on top of the
    cage then my birds comes out

  18. KevinAdoresPokemon says:

    no parakeets? 🙁

  19. ltschriscrucker says:

    1:38 – did anyone else see the parrot faceplant into the cage?

  20. chakradhar1178 says:

    But my bird still dont come and bite also

  21. Angie Rodriguez says:

    How did I even get here?

  22. mig189189189 says:

    Cool Tip!

  23. TheDrybones241 says:

    also first to be dumbs downed and marked for spam

  24. chazoclock says:

    She looks hot

  25. Kyr Killer says:


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