How to Housebreak a new Dog or Train a Puppy at Home

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puppy training at home
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How to Housebreak a new Dog or Train a Puppy at Home

How to housebreak a new puppy yourself, like puppy house training, basic obedience, crate training etc for dogs at home with best methods.
You carefully chose a new puppy and he is very playful but one BIG problem: you would like to have him housebroken as a house dog. Is there any good ways to train a new puppy? Next are best methods for house training a puppy.
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It is really exiting when a puppy becomes a new member of your family. The cute and the little fluffy ball becomes the main attraction of your family.

But puppy training needs your patience and extra care. Start your puppy training session as early as possible because like human baby a dog learns best at its puppy hood. And it is better to train your puppy in the first 4 months of his life. To train him you need a well-fit collar, a private place for his sleep and rest, a place where he can play, few toys for him.

First of all, you can put down papers or pretreated pads to encourage your puppy to use these areas for going to the bathroom. The pads are scented with a chemical that attracts the puppy to use them. Whenever you see the puppy starting into his “pre-potty pattern,” such as walking around and sniffing the floor, you gently pick him up without talking and carry them over to the papers/pad and then praise them when they go to the bathroom.
Note: If you do not catch your puppy doing it, then do not punish him for it! Clean it and forget it if you find a mess that was left when you were not there.

When all goes well and the puppy is using the papers consistently, the papers are either moved closer to the door and/or another set is placed outside. The transition is made from concentrating the toilet habits to one spot inside the home to one spot outside the home. Finally, the papers inside are eliminated. The only problem with this method is that for a period of time it encourages the animal to eliminate inside the home. House training may take longer when this method is used. If you want house training to go quickly, regardless of the method you use, spend as much time as possible with your puppy.

Remember to take him to outside. Keep him for out 15 minutes and again bring him back with your patience. If he does not listen to you again and again then bring him back and confine him in the crate, but not more than 10 minutes. Your puppy is a little baby after all. Again take him to the outside for proper potty training. If he cooperates with you then reward him with dog biscuit or with his other favorite things.

A puppy has a habit of chewing everything whether it is your hand or a sofa cover or a table cloth. Do not neglect this thinking that he is mere a small fluffy ball. Scold him and punish him. But punishment should not be harsh. Be sympathetic to your puppy. Spend time with him as much as possible. Love him a lot to make him a lovely copy. Control your harsh emotions in front of him because puppy imitates his master. It is his natural instinct. Make him learn to eat from his own bowl and sleep at his own bed. Teach his how to behave with other members of the family and your guests.

Enjoy the fantastic time in your dog’s life. His puppyhood is the time where you will develop, build and strengthen the special connection with your dog for life.

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