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How To Potty Train A Puppy and house train your dog. Free tips at showing you how house training a puppy humanely can be simple and fun. Subscribe to our…


25 Responses to “How To Potty Train A Puppy | House Train Your Dog | House Training a Puppy”
  1. Prime Time says:

    thanks , helped alot

  2. lisat3001 says:

    This is a really great idea! What size would I need for a maltese?

  3. angel recendez says:

    Hello, I am really interested in your product and was wondering where I can
    find it? Thank you!

  4. Beth Parker says:

    When I get another puppy, I’m going to use this method. Potty training my
    last puppy was a nightmare!

  5. Randy Lewiston says:

    Genius! It’s basically 3 products in one.

  6. tracyrsimmons says:

    I have a tiny Chihuahua … is there a size for that?

  7. Barbara Battles says:

    This is perfect for our next pup! Love how the top comes off!

  8. Terry Lazner says:

    Love it! What size do you recommend for a pug?

  9. Rita Lang says:

    Like the grass! Much better than having to change potty pads every time

  10. Phil Turner says:

    This is great! Makes perfect sense.

  11. Hans Leikert says:

    My sheltie just turned 3 months last week and isn’t fully potty trained
    yet. Is it too late to teach my puppy how to use the Pooch Potty Trainer?
    I think it’s a great invention!

  12. harry leonard says:

    Great job on the design! Love the removable top…

  13. summersunfun345 says:

    I hated potty training our dog. Great idea for when we get another puppy.
    This will make things much easier!

  14. Steve Bennington says:

    What size do you suggest for a miniature dachshund?

  15. jessicat7676 says:

    Amazing! I love it and will sharing to my Facebook friends.

  16. Jerome Lansing says:

    I am moving into a condo with a small patio and this seems perfect!
    Definitely buying!

  17. Paul Littletonsky says:

    this is awesome!!

  18. Andrea Lockhart says:

    This seems perfect; I’m excited to use it! I’m planning to eventually have
    my puppy go potty outside.

  19. hoagiemcgee says:

    I definitely want one of these…

  20. Lindsay Powers says:


  21. Chad Binkly says:

    I wish I had this when raising my puppies. This would have made my life a
    lot easier, especially when I was working.

  22. joy wistler says:

    Definitely like the idea of the puppy using grass.

  23. jeramytollar says:

    that’s a really awesome idea!!!

  24. laceywin says:

    Great idea! Like the idea of not having to take the puppy out at night…

  25. judybeachlover says:

    Can I use this as a permanent potty when the puppy is fully grown?

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