How to Start Training a New Dog FAST!

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25 Responses to “How to Start Training a New Dog FAST!”
  1. Jenny Karp says:

    I just adopted a 2 year old rescue dog. She doesn’t know her name. How do I
    teach her her new name? 

  2. Billie Achilleos says:

    I hope someone adopted Kiya, she’s so calm and well trained already, I cant
    fathom how shes been in a shelter for so long!

  3. Grace Utting says:

    We got our 8 year old girl from the rescue about 3 weeks ago^^ Been
    training her everyday.. rescue dogs are beautiful and most prob

  4. Chris Callaghan says:

    I have had/ presently have rescue dogs as well as dogs purchased from a
    breeder. Put the time in just like you would for your child and the rewards
    will be astounding.

  5. superjules21 says:

    he looks at the treat not you ;)

  6. Sean Fleming says:

    I recently adopted a pit mix from our local shelter and have been working
    with him every day. He has a lot of bad habits and is already a year and a
    half. He has moments where he is doing so well and then others where he
    reverts back to how he used to be. It is frustrating at times and I try
    really hard not to get agitated because I know it isnt his fault. We have
    had him for three weeks now and it is somewhat slow going. He will walk
    perfectly on the leash in the morning and then pull on the entire walk at
    night. We are trying to stay active with him since he is a high energy dog
    and we have been trying to apply that energy to training him but he becomes
    bored very quickly.

  7. Alexandra Chasey says:

    i Have a rescue dog, although she is very scared and timid, yet aggresive
    towards my cat, and other dog at times, she also growls over food is there
    any way to eliminate that?

  8. Jack D. Ramirez says:

    That advices will help you turn your dog into the best behaved..

  9. Kevin B says:

    I adopted a one and a half year old pit mix from a Craigslist add I
    stumbled across while just searching dog listings having just moved to
    Dallas. Saw one that said “We are just going to tie this dog to a pole at
    Lowes if no one comes. Not a bad dog just cant deal”

    I said to myself I would just take her and find a home for her, with the
    possibility of keeping her. She was the most hyper dog I have ever seen,
    but also the most loving. Had no idea what rules were, wasnt bathroom
    trained, but was actually pretty smart and had good intentions. I fell in
    love. Kept her a secret in my apartment until I found a small house for

    Today, one year later, she is great. Still has a lot of anxiety and is a
    work in progress. But shes my buddy. Walks by my side only pulling once and
    a while when she gets excited. Huge personality and I wouldnt trade her for
    the world :)

  10. Noah Guerrero says:

    Great tips ! Just rescued a beautiful pit bull mix and these tips seem to
    work just great ! 

  11. Enrique Cavazos says:

    THANK YOU it worked

  12. rollingpure says:

    What kind of meat are you using? 

  13. Alonda Mercado says:

    I rescued a 10 month old pitbul puppy…and training is going well!!!
    Granted all of our dogs are rescued except one…

  14. Diana Paterno-Magpali says:

    My rescue dog’s not been in a shelter, but rather with other people. He has
    some good habits like sleeping on time and in his bed. He also is pretty
    chill. But he is rather jumpy with small noises and movement (as shared by
    his previous owner). 

  15. Lewis Graham says:

    Im getting a rescue dog tomorrow

  16. Bryce Lamp says:

    my old dog was a pitbull mix from the shelter. The best dog I ever had now
    I will never get any other dog unless its a pitbull or pitbull mix

  17. JordPlaysGames says:

    Hows a german shepherd for a first time dog owner? (I’m 14 and looking to
    get my first dog and want to be able to play with it, train it, and stuff
    like that) I heard they are easy to train and are good family dogs, I also
    have 2 cats so would a german shepherd be good with cats? Or is it just how
    I would bring up the dog

    Thanks – Jord

  18. Latoya S says:

    So. I will catch my pup in the middle of potty but when I put here to the
    pad, she doesn’t continue. What do I do? She cries and wails..

  19. Chiem Lope says:

    It’s totally uncomfortable if your canine keeps jumping up on people.

  20. Brian Woodson says:

    I just adopted a Golden and she refuses to go in the crate and I am going
    to try these tips today. Thank you!

  21. JeLeSaisTuMoé says:

    What’s sad is that most dogs we saw at the shelter were pitbulls. Such an
    underestimated breed… ;(

  22. aimee teter says:

    Yes I agree pit bulls are such great dogs I wish I could meet you in person
    I have my first puppy and would love your help 

  23. fairybox1111 says:

    I’m about to pick up my adopted Dog today and I’ve just found your channel.
    Could you tell me which videos I should be watching hence I have an adopted
    dog with an unknown past?

  24. Cole Wagner says:

    I do have a rescue dog actually she’s my profile picture “brindle boxer”

  25. Marco Tony Cordero says:

    Just started to foster, they gave me a dog that was supposed to be potty
    trained, I take her in the back yard and spend up to 45 min outside. Once
    we go inside she goes in the house. What am I doing wrong 

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